Virtual School Meanderings

February 4, 2017

Virtual Schooling In The News

InTheNewsBeginning with the ASCD SmartBrief.

Ideas to keep students learning during snow days

Ideas to keep students learning during snow days
Some schools are using technology to help students continue learning when schools are closed for inclement weather. Educator Keri Mosier suggests giving assignments that students can complete on their phones or computers and holding virtual discussions.
U.S. News & World Report (1/30)

Ideas to support administrator-driven innovation

Ideas to support administrator-driven innovation
It can be challenging for administrators to lead blended-learning initiatives if they have little experience with them, asserts Stepan Mekhitarian, blended-learning coordinator for the Los Angeles Unified School District. In this podcast, he discusses how administrators can overcome this obstacle.
EdSurge (2/1)

Similarly, from the NASBE State Ed SmartBrief.

Competency-based learning a top edtech trend

Competency-based learning a top edtech trend
(Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
Blended and competency-based learning are among the top three technology trends expected to grow this year in education, educators and experts say. Schools also will do more to connect student and educator data, plus drive student interest in science, technology, engineering and math through virtual reality and makerspaces.
EdTech magazine online (1/31)


Back to the regular Google News alert for virtual school.

Around Prince William: What high school space problem?

Virtual school isn’t for everyone. Students have to meet a set of defined criteria and work with a guidance counselor to participate. Instructors are …

Advocates Push For More School Choice In Alabama

… and mortar is something that we like but we want to transition to something more at home,” said Wendolyn Perdue, an adviser with the virtual school.

Senator Pitching “Virtual Schools”

“Texas children deserve the best education opportunities we can provide them, whether that happens in a brick and mortar, public or private school, …

Lawrence school officials brief lawmakers about virtual schools

Lawrence school district superintendent Kyle Hayden briefs a legislative committee about the LawrenceVirtual School. Hayden spoke to the House …

Around Prince William: What high school space problem?

I suggest the Prince William County School Board take a look at its already successful Virtual High School program to alleviate the pressure on those …

Advocates Push For More School Choice In Alabama

It’s hard to miss the yellow scarves advertising school choice week, … state came out, including staff from the state’s first virtual school that started this …

Online Schools Growing Yet Reasons Students Choose Them Haven’t Changed

Although the number of students who take online or blended courses is elusive, the reasons they go thevirtual route for their studies tend to fall into a …

Virtual Public School Gives Back at Sacramento Food Bank

California Connections Academy @ Ripon is a tuition free, virtual public school serving students in an eight county region including Sacramento …

Wide support for legislative ethics reform, says senator

Don Huffines filed a bill to expand access to virtual school to kindergartners, first and second graders. Huffines said the 2007 law that created a system …

Trustees celebrate School Board Recognition Month

In other business, Cori Cumbee gave a presentation regarding the district’s recent launch as a virtual school. The online classes benefit students by …

Sarasota Virtual School Begins Open Enrollment for the 2017-18 Year

Sarasota Virtual School (SVS) is a district public school which provides a full-time online learning option for students in grades K-12.

Taking learning beyond the classroom with Abbotsford Virtual School

Abbotsford Virtual School (AVS) is on the cutting edge of education with their combination of old and new world classroom structures. They are offering …

Gastonia fourth-grader excels in online school and tennis

She plans to continue attending the virtual school and has set her goals on continuing to crack the national rankings as she gets older. She imparts the …

@FGCU_MTen Opens Home Slate with Bethune-Cookman, FAU

Florida Virtual School/Florida) and Mateo Ruiz (Bucaramanga, Colombia/Oklahoma State) at No. 2 as well as Javier Fernandez (Ibiza, Spain/IES …

Finally, the Google News alert for cyber school.

The Agora Cyber Charter School: Learn At Your Pace

Cyber charter schools provides educational opportunity to all students in Pennsylvania serving children with special needs, those who are highly …

Teachers Keep Teens Learning on Cyber Snow Days

Teens love technology, so using it is a good way to get students motivated to learn outside of school on snow days, one teacher says. (Marcel ter …

Erie-area school officials call on Harrisburg to fix education spending

“In the 2014-15 school year, the Conneaut School District paid over $1,000,000 taxpayer dollars to cyber-charters that are failing,” Sperry said. “In that …

DCC recognized as ‘center for cyber excellence’ by Gov. McAuliffe

(WDBJ7) Danville Community College is now a center for cyber excellence. Governor Terry McAuliffe says DCC is one of the best cyber schools in the …

Teacher held for sex abuse at Main Line school for behavior issues

Scott was hired in October 2015 and had previously worked for a cyber school. Radnor Police Superintendent William Colarulo described the …

DASD gearing up for 2017-18 budget

“So despite the fact we have our own cyber school, we are still spending $933,000 for children who decide not to use it and there is not a darn thing …

Teacher at school for troubled children faces 70 charges over sexual assault on 16 year old female …

Scott was hired in October 2015 and had previously worked for a cyber school. TheVillage is a residential child-care facility in Radnor Township where …

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