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February 3, 2017

Exclusive Podcast With Dr. Michael Barbour, Release of the State of Online Learning in Canada Report

A few days ago,  Robert Martellacci, Founder & CEO of MindShare Learning, released this podcast that I recorded with him last month focused on K-12 distance, online and blended learning in Canada.

The direct link for this podcast is

Release of the State of Online Learning in Canada Report

Michael’s research has focused on K-12 online teaching and learning. My research agenda is aimed at improving the design and delivery of these online learning opportunities to enable all students, particularly those in rural areas, the opportunity for success. Over the past decade, I have published approximately two dozen peer-reviewed manuscripts about a variety of topics, including the differences in retention and student achievement based upon delivery model and urban-rural distinctions, and the factors accounting for these differences; components of online learning that K-12 students find helpful and challenging; characteristics of effectively designed and delivered K-12 online courses; whether new technologies, particularly those that allow for interaction, in K-12 online learning affect how students learn; what students do in their schools when scheduled for online learning environment and where they turn to when they need content-based assistance; the preparation of teachers to be able to design, delivery, and support K-12 online learning; and policy and regulatory issues related to the introduction and growth of K-12 online learning at state and national levels.

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