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JANUARY 17, 2017
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2016 Student and Technology Research Study We begin the report with a consideration of the importance of technology to students, whereby we explore students’ orientation toward technology, the number and types of devices students own, and the extent to which they use their digital devices in their academic work, as well as the importance of […]

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Web Strategies for the Curation and Discovery of Open Educational Resources

For those receiving funding from the UK HEFCE-funded Open Educational Resource Programme (2009–2012), the sustainability of project outputs was one of a number of essential goals. Our approach for the hosting and distribution of health and life science open educational resources (OER) was based on the utilisation of the blogging platform and search engine […]

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Design of a computer-based learning environment to support diagnostic problem solving towards expertise development

Learning through problem solving is a pedagogical approach that situates learning in problem-solving contexts. As a form of constructivist learning, problem solving has received increased attention in complex and ill-structured domains such as scientific inquiry and medical education. However, effective learning in problem-solving contexts is difficult to realize because problem-solving tasks often involve complex processes […]

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Knowledge retention in capstone experiences: An analysis of online and face-to-face courses

This research chronicles the development of a capstone experience by a regional comprehensive university. The process began with a multi-year project during which the faculty annually reviewed the results with a view to determining if the class provided the deep learning culminating experiences anticipated. A major measure of success was the desire to replicate the […]

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Coordinated Implicitly? An Empirical Study on the Role of Social Media in Collaborative Learning

As social media is widely adopted in collaborative learning, which places teams in a virtual environment, it is critical for teams to identify and leverage the knowledge of their members. Yet little is known about how social media influences teams to coordinate their knowledge and collaborate effectively. In this research, we explore the roles of […]

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Penn State World Campus most recognized in U.S. News’ online programs rankings

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State World Campus is ranked in the top 10 in six categories of U.S. News and World Report’s 2017 Best Online Programs, the most of any institution. The Pennsylvania State University

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U.S. News ranks USC No. 1 in two key online graduate programs

The latest rankings from U.S. News & World Report place the USC Viterbi School of Engineering atop its annual rankings of online graduate programs. The school placed first in overall engineering programs and in computer science — maintaining the top slot in the latter category and reclaiming its No. 1 spot in overall engineering. University […]

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Online degree programs offered by IU highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Online degree programs at Indiana University, particularly those in business, education and nursing, were again ranked among the best in the nation in the 2017 edition of U.S. News and World Report’s Best Online Education Program rankings. Indiana University

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Record shares of Americans now own smartphones, have home broadband

Nearly nine-in-ten Americans today are online, up from about half in the early 2000s. Pew Research Center has chronicled this trend and others through more than 15 years of surveys on internet and technology use. On Thursday, we released a new set of fact sheets that will be updated as we collect new data and […]

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