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November 30, 2016

[EDEN-News] EDEN Annual Conference, Jönköping 2017 – Call for Contributions Open

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EDEN 2017 Annual Conference: #EDEN17
Call for Contributions Open – Deadline 30 January

Jönköping, Sweden 13-16 June 2017


The conference is hosted by the Jönköping University in co-operation with Destination Jönköping

Towards the end of the calendar year, with the peaceful winter holidays approaching, we hope you will find time and inspiration to consider how you could add value to the content offerings of the EDEN 2017 Annual Conference

Conference Vision

scopeThe ever-changing media- and technology landscapes create opportunities for learning at all stages in life in formal and informal settings.

Educators often take digital and media skills for granted and may overlook the diversity of learners’ profiles and educational settings.

How do teachers and learners deal with diversity in media and technology enhanced learning environments? How can such diversity be accounted for and used to transform and adapt online learning settings? How well do stakeholders and policy makers understand digital inequalities? What are the new challenges for teachers and educators in the new media landscapes to create meaningful contexts for learning?

How do we bring together the strengths of the past with the challenges of the present and opportunities for the future? Finding and applying the right mix of information, knowledge and creativity is of primary importance for the educational experience.

Socio-economic-cultural aspects are more and more in focus of development for building the digital economy, including the fields of knowledge and learning. the 2017 EDEN conference keywords embrace also diversity and social inclusion through inter-cultural dialogue, the problems and educational aspects of the migrants’ integration in pan-European dimension.

EDEN 2017 will be the forum offering unique chance to find novel answers, work together for these goals, and to gain deep insight into the core questions of diversity in education.

Call for contributions

The responsibility of the scholarly community includes the proper handling of diversity in education with respect to learners’ profiles, backgrounds, generations, cultures with different languages, literacies, and ways of communication as well as diversity in media and technology enhanced learning environments.

We need renowned reflections of practice that support paradigm-changing transformations based on systematic knowledge.

Join the Conference in Jönköping to tell about your research,
projects and experience connected to diversity challenges

Networking and interactivity, sharing and discussion will be core aspects of the conference experience, focusing on what you can learn from and with your peers.

Submissions that relate to the Conference Scope and one or more of the Conference Themes are welcome in paper, poster, workshop, training, demonstration and synergy formats.

Recognising excellence

recognitionEDEN is promoting and inspiring professionals by recognising excellence.Our established formal award schemes, such as the EDEN Fellow, Senior Fellow and Best Research Paper Awards were recently extended by the introduction of the Best Practice Initiative Award.

We also encourage the continuous attainment of professional development goals by awarding open badges to our conference participants and authors – the most involved supporters of our professional activities, therefore, can benefit from a wide range of recognition means of their demonstrated skills & competencies.

Weekend programme after the Conference: DreamHack

DreamHack, the world’s largest LAN party and festival around computer gaming with scene performances and several types of competition (e-sport, cosplay and more) will be held at the exhibition center in Jönköping all weekend after the EDEN Annual Conference, starting on the Friday. Watch the introduction to the event on YouTube. This is an excellent opportunity for EDEN conference participants to make their stay in Jönköping not just professionally useful but also enjoyable.

Conference Venue: Jönköping

The conference is organised by EDEN in co-operation with the Jönköping University.

Jönköping is an excellent example of an impressively developing University, city and region which attracts economic, cultural and social progress and modernisation. The Scandinavian countries and particularly Sweden have always been in the forefront of learning innovation, open and digital education. We look forward with excitement to a memorable conference in 2017!

Join the Community in the exciting city of Jönköping to share your research, projects and practice at #EDEN17!

Networking and interactivity, sharing and discussion will be core aspects of the conference experience, focusing on what you can learn from and with your peers.

The conference will take part within the research environment CCD at the School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University with the support of Destination Jönköping.


Schedule and Deadlines

Submissions: 30 January 2017

Registration Opens: mid-February 2017

Notification of Authors: 31 March 2017

Conference Dates: 13-16 June 2017

For any conference related questions contact the Conference Secretariat



The EDEN 2017 Annual Conference is the initiative of EDEN supported by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.


EDEN – European Distance and E-Learning Network Secretariat
Tel: +36 1 463 1628, 463 2537 Fax: +36 1 463 1858

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