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November 16, 2016

November 2016: Beyond the Report: Interactive Tools for Practice Change

A final item from Tuesday’s inbox…

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SRI Education Notes - November 2016
Denise Borders

Beyond the Report:
Interactive Tools for Practice Change

In our schools, a wealth of information is available in just a few keystrokes. To support our schools, educational research and tools for improvement also need to be timely and accessible for school leaders. In this issue of Education Notes, we’re featuring examples of online resources that are designed to help educators improve their daily practice, and education leaders to make systemic changes. And be sure to share this newsletter with your colleagues and follow @SRI_Education on Twitter!
Denise Glyn Borders, President

Data Visualization Toolkit

New Resource on
Data Visualization

SRI’s DaSy Center released a new data visualization toolkitwith tools, resources, and tips for presenting data effectively, on topics such as infographics and interactive displays.

Students working on Chemistry

Designing Next Gen Science Assessments

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) require all students to engage in the practices of scientists and engineers. Having the right kinds of assessments is critically important. Read our NGSS blog.

Student working on homework

Web-Based Math Homework Intervention

SRI evaluated the math intervention ASSISTments, finding positive impacts on students’ math achievement. Read the AERA Open article Online Mathematics Homework Increases Student Achievement.

STEM Teachers

STEM Teacher Leadership Resources

A new SRI-developed website for the U.S. Department of Education,, offers answers to Frequently Asked Questionsdeveloped by expert STEM practitioners for each of seven different role types in six key topics related to teacher leadership in STEM.

College Students

Community Colleges Launch Degree Programs With Open Educational Resources

To reduce financial burdens on students, the new Open Education Resources (OER) Degree Initiative involves 38 community colleges in the redesign of degree programs using OER in place of proprietary textbooks. SRI Education researchers will evaluate the initiative, including impacts on student outcomes and cost.

South African Students with bikes

Empowering South African Students with Bicycles

SRI evaluated the World Bicycle Relief’s program in South Africa, designed to help rural students get to school more quickly and safely so they can spend less time walking and more time learning. Read the evaluation report.

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