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October 15, 2016

DDL Convention Update IV

Note the update for AECT which begins next week.

Greetings again, DDL members!

Convention starts next week, and my final update highlights our membership meeting & ice cream social along with our awesome award winners! Remember, you can build out your schedule at to make sure you don’t miss out on all of our events.

Last year, in Indy, was the first year DDL did not offer a member luncheon. The Board made this decision based off of your feedback regarding the climbing prices of catered meals at convention hotels. Continuing this tradition, we’ll host an Ice Cream Social during the Membership Meeting on Thursday, Oct 20 at 1PM in Pavilion 10. Come join us as we celebrate outgoing leaders, recognize our award winners, and briefly talk about plans for the next year.

Speaking of award winners, congratulations to our outstanding scholars & practitioners who help move the field of distance learning forward through their work throughout the year. Don’t forget that we’ll also feature a presentation from our 1st place Best Practice Award winners, Amy Grincewicz (Kent State University) & Bethany Simunich (Kent State University). Many thanks to Victoria Lowell (Purdue University) for her hard work as our Awards Coordinator.

Crystal Award
1st – Penny Ralston-Berg (Penn State World Campus); The Italian 001, 002, and 003 online course series
2nd – Bethany Simunich (Kent State University) & Amy Grincewicz (Kent State University); A pathway to excellence: Kent State’s online faculty development
3rd – Paul McKimmy (University of Hawaii at Manoa); An innovative competency-based online course

Best Practice Award
1st Amy Grincewicz (Kent State University) & Bethany Simunich (Kent State University); Online classroom examples and ideas: A showcase course
2nd – Victoria L. Lowell (Purdue University) & Iryna V. Ashby (Purdue University); Building a collaborative online learning community through the development of professional and interpersonal competencies
3rd- Jongpil Cheon (Texas Tech University), Steven Crooks (Idaho State University), Marjorie Jenkins (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center), & Robert Casanova (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center); Sex and Gender Specific Health (SGSH) online learning system

Journal Article- Qualitative
1st – Patrick Lowenthal (Boise State University) & Charles B. Hodges (Georgia Southern University); In search of quality: Using quality matters to analyze the quality of massive open online courses (MOOCS)
2nd – Sheri Stover (Wright State University) & Yoko Miura  (Wright State University); The effects of web conferencing on the community of inquiry in online classes
3rd – Jered Borup (George Mason University), Richard E. West (Brigham Young University), Charles R. Graham (Brigham Young University), & Randall Davies (Brigham Young University); The adolescent community of engagement: A framework for research on adolescent online learning

Journal Article- Quantitative
1st – Dongho Kim (University of Georgia), Yeonjeong Park (Ewha Womans University), Meehyun Yoon (University of Georgia), & Il-Hyun Jo (Ewha Womans University); Toward evidence-based learning analytics: Using proxy variables to improve asynchronous online discussion environments
2nd – Alan R. Belcher (Ashford University), Barbara M. Hall (Ashford University), Kathleen Kelly (Ashford University), & Keith L. Pressey (Ashford University); An analysis of faculty promotion of critical thinking and peer interaction within threaded discussions
3rd – Qiang Hao (University of Georgia), Ewan Wright (University of Hong Kong), Brad Barnes (University of Georgia), &  Robert Maribe Branch (University of Georgia); What are the most important predictors of computer science students’ online help-seeking behaviors?

Journal Article- Application
1st – Ken-Zen Chen (Boise State University), Patrick Lowenthal (Boise State University), & Christine Bauer (Boise State University); Effectiveness and student perceptions of high-enrollment health studies online courses
2nd – Ruth Gannon-Cook (DePaul University) & Kathryn Ley (University of Houston-Clear Lake); Overlooking the obvious: How to use semiotics and metaphors to reinforce e-learning
3rd – Robert L. Moore (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill); Importance of developing community in distance education courses

Distance Learning Book Award
1st – Curtis J. Bonk (Indiana University Bloomington), Mimi M. Lee (University of Houston), Thomas C. Reeves (University of Georgia), & Thomas H. Reynolds (National University) [Eds.]; MOOCs and Open Education Around the World
2nd – Joseph Rene Corbeil (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley), Maria Elena Corbeil (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley), & Badrul H. Khan (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) [Eds.]; The MOOC Case Book: Case Studies in Design, Development, and Implementation

Burmeister Award
1st – Joanna Dunlap (University of Colorado Denver) & Patrick Lowenthal (Boise State University); Instructionally-Sound Strategies for Faculty Workload Reduction in Online Courses: Getting Some Shuteye Revisited
2nd – Yeol Huh (Emporia State University); Exploring Ways Online Teachers Teach Self-Regulated Learning Skills to Students in U.S. Online K-12 Schools
3rd – Kun Huang (Mississippi State University), Victor Law (University of New Mexico), & Sang Joon Lee (Mississippi State University); Examining the Relationship between Learners’ Epistemic Beliefs and Perceptions of Online Learning

See you in Vegas!

Tonia A. Dousay, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming
#AECTDDL President Elect | @tadousay

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