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October 14, 2016

Top 10 Canadian Learning & Technology New Stories for October

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October 2016

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Dear Thought Leader,

This month’s MindShare Report Top 10 is a testament to Canada’s EdTech thought leadership on the global stage.

In any given month, we get readers from 15-20 countries across the globe who take a keen interest in the latest learning & technology activities across our vast country. However, while we’re the envy of many countries we cannot be complacent! Innovation must be our hallmark as a country in the 21st century.

This is a great segue to our upcoming 7th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit, November 3 at MaRsDD Toronto. This is your opportunity to explore, “Schools of the Future Today!” We chose the iconic MaRsDD innovation centre because it represents what we stand for with respect to nurturing leadership and innovation in support of student success. New this year is our Learning Commons/ Makerspace Showcase! It’s not too late to register!

Hope to see you on November 3!

Until next time, keep the digital learning curve steep!

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Robert Martellacci
M.A. EdTech
Chief Digital Curator, The MindShare Learning Report™
President, MindShare Learning Technology™


1. A Sneak Peak Video Interview with Brian Aspinall leading up to the 7th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit


Brian is a public school teacher in Ontario, Canada on a mission to hack education by coding a classroom for students to create, communicate, think critically and collaborate and highlights his current work with Fair Chance Learning.

Follow Brian on Twitter @mraspinall

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2. Hapara Product Review by Tim Gard

Hapara. Māori for Dawn. When I saw this Polynesian word on Hapara’s website, shortly after spending some time working through the various nuances of this product with Hapara’s Chief Product Officer, Wayne Poncia, I understood why this word was appropriated for their product’s name. Not only did it speak of the place where this product was born, but in a unique, and perhaps ever so subtle way, succinctly captured what Hapara can do for you when used in conjunction with either G Suite for Education (Google’s new name for GAFE) or Microsoft’s Office 365 (coming soon).

Read More


3. Exclusive Podcast with Rod Allen, Superintendent Cowichan Valley School District on Innovation and Direction for B.C. on Innovation and Coding in the Classroom


Rod Allen, Superintendent for the Cowichan Valley School District and formerly the Assistant Deputy Minister / Chief Superintendent with the BC Ministry of Education was the architect of British Columbia’s transformation to personalized learning. Under Allen’s leadership, BC became a major contributor to global transformation efforts and within BC he set a clear path for education transformation.

Read More

4. Exlusive MindShare Podcast with World Champions of the Enactus World Cup: Memoiral University of Newfoundland

Enactus Memorial University of Newfoundland named World Champion

View the Final Round Here


5. How do we transform our inspirations into thoughtful actions? by Jennifer Corriero

Our friends at TakingITGlobal are continuing to grow their Education for Social Innovation community here in Canada and abroad. In September they visited Finland where they kicked off a regional community of practice with schools in 7 countries, and next week they’ll be launching the Ontario cohort with participants from 5 school districts. Read Executive Director Jennifer Corriero’s reflection on how social innovation and technology can be used to bring learning to life in your school!

Read More

6. B.C. Premier promises ‘significant’ new funds for postsecondary tech education

B.C. Premier Christy Clark says her government is set to beef up funding to the postsecondary system to help address a chronic talent shortage in the province’s tech sector…

Read More

7. 21st Century Learning, 20th Century Classroom

There is a clear disconnect between the new approaches to teaching and learning that are considered “best practices” for 21st century learning, promoted in PD and supported by research, and the old classroom or school design that in many ways works against them.

Read More


8. The Microsoft Education Transformation Corner: Part 2

Engaging Partners and the Community for Effective Transformation

Congratulations – you’re on the path to school transformation and to creating a more personalized learning experience for all. You’re joining the many schools across Canada moving towards empowering their students and improving learning environments to help students become more successful, adaptive, and innovative lifelong learners.

Read More

9. A MindShare Podcast with EdTech Legend Tom Whitby at EdNet 2016 Dallas, Texas


Thomas D. Whitby is the author of The Relevant Educator: How Connectedness Empowers Learning, and The Educator’s Guide To Creating Connections. He is @tomwhitby on Twitter with 64,000 followers. Tom retired from Public Education after serving 34 years as a secondary English teacher, and spent an additional six years as an adjunct Professor at St Joseph’s College in New York. He is a Co-Creator of #Edchat, an award winning education discussion group on Twitter.

10. TOP 5 Reasons to Attend the 7th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit Nov 3rd

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