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October 6, 2016

October MindShare Learning Report: Cross Canada Spotlight on British Columbia – Happy World Teacher Day!

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October 2016

Volume 9, No. 7

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Quotes of the Month

Cross Canada Spotlight on British Columbia

MindShare Musings – IPN Conference Oslo, Norway and Schools of the Future Inspiration

Hapara Product Review – By Tim Gard, Chief Digital Learning Strategist

The Microsoft Education Transformation Corner

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A Sneak Peak Video Interview with Brian Aspinall leading up to the 7th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit


Brian is a public school teacher in Ontario, Canada on a mission to hack education by coding a classroom for students to create, communicate, think critically and collaborate and highlights his current work with Fair Chance Learning.

Follow Brian on Twitter @mraspinall


Dear Thought Leader,

Welcome to our October MindShare Learning Report Special 7th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit — B.C. Cross Canada Spotlight edition.

Only 29 Days to go! Our team is hard at work in preparing for the 7th Canadian EdTech Summit November 3rd at MaRsDD. If you haven’t registered, check out our Top 5 reasons Infographic that we trust will inspire you to join us for this highly engaging one-day think-tank challenging you to ‘Redefine Schools of the Future Today.’

Be sure to checkout highlights in this issue:

  1. Memorial University students win Enactus Global Challenge. An exclusive podcast
  2. Featured video podcast with Brian Aspinall, Award Winning STEM expert educator presenting at the EdTech Summit
  3. Rod Allen, Superintendent, Cowichan Valley School District B.C.MindShare Podcast Spotlight on Coding in K12 schools
  4. A MindShare moment with Tom Whitby, award-winning Blogger and founder of EdChat reflects on EdNET Dallas and a new PD platform launching
  5. Tim Gard, Chief Digital Learning Strategist, test drives the Humara solution from Silicon Valley
  6. We’re proud partners in Media Literacy Week October 31 – November 4.

Finally, it was a tremendous honour and opportunity to travel to Oslo, Norway to attend the International Education Partnership Conference as a recipient of the International Chair’s Best Partnership Award. The award was presented from retired Astronaut Rick Hieb, who conducted three space missions for NASA. Be sure to check out my musings for further insights on our trip.

Thanks to our much valued team, sponsors and partners for making this such a deep and rich report!

Until next time, keep the digital learning curve steep!

P.S. To all the awesome teachers across Canada and beyond happy#WorldTeacherDay!

Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
President, MindShare Learning Technology™
Chief Digital Curator, The MindShare Learning Report™
Co-founder & President C21 Canada™

Follow us on Twitter @MindShareLearn

Quotes of the Month

“I saw intellectual excitement and stimulating insights pouring out of every table and cresting during breaks and lunch. Uniquely provocative forward-thinkers for speakers and a cool set of ed-tech startups to listen to.”Dr. Greg Malszecki, Professor Emeritus, York University

“The Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit was a very productive meeting of thought-leaders, teachers, administrators, entrepreneurs, edTech startups, researchers and consultants. I came away with eight big ideas that we can use in our business.”
-Mollie O’Neill, Partner, Brigus Learning

Quotes from delagates who attended the 6th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit

Cross Canada Spotlight on British Columbia

Exclusive Podcast with Rod Allen, Superintendent Cowichan Valley School District on Innovation and Direction for B.C. on Innovation and Coding in the Classroom


Rod Allen, Superintendent for the Cowichan Valley School District and formerly the Assistant Deputy Minister / Chief Superintendent with the BC Ministry of Education was the architect of British Columbia’s transformation to personalized learning. Under Allen’s leadership, BC became a major contributor to global transformation efforts and within BC he set a clear path for education transformation.

MindShare Musings – IPN Conference Oslo, Norway and Schools of the Future Inspiration

Venturing out to Oslo was a first for me. An invitation to attend the International Education Partnership Conference and receive a Global Chair’s Best Partnership Award — truly an honour and a great excuse for a trip to Oslo! The conference proved fascinating with some 40 countries represented. Anytime you get to hang around with a veteran NASA Astronaut of three space shuttle missions, that’s pretty cool! Especially as a group of us sat on the hotel terrace gazing at a super moon one night, while Rick Hieb shared his amazing stories about his time in space. A pinch me moment for sure.

IMG_20160916_1514528 (1)Former NASA Astronaut Rick Hieb (L) presents Robert Martellacci, MindShare Learning Technology with the Global Chair’s Best Partnership Award at the IPN Conference, along with David Roberts, C21 Associates and Dr. Laurel Adler IPN Board Member

What I came to appreciate as we shared our story about co-founding C21 Canada some five years ago, along with my colleague David Roberts, C21 Associates, is the passion each of the delegates had for sharing and learning from one another. It’s a testament to what mutually beneficial partnerships represent; the collegial process of shared goals and outcomes in support of a greater good. It was fascinating to share and learn from other delegates who embarked on some pretty cool projects. In our case it was the innovation behind a start-up NFP, C21 Canada–Canadians for 21st Century Learning & Innovation. We accepted the award on behalf of our valued founding board members, CEO Academy and current board. It takes a digital village to raise a child in the 21st century! While we have a ways to go, I felt a great sense of pride in speaking with delegates who were intrigued to learn more about Canada’s success on the global stage. Speaking of Canada, we were well represented! It was great connecting with Doug Watt (Conference Board of Canada), Arlene Olynyk (Thompson Rivers University), Mark Patterson (Ryerson University’s Magnet startup), Dr. Marita Kloseck, (Western HealthSciences) and Jonathan Robb (NorQuest College, to name a few).

image00A typical looking classroom at the Kuben Upper Secondary School in Oslo

It’s fitting that this issue is themed Schools of the Future. I must admit I was envious of some of the facilities we visited, including a state-of-the-art school in an industrial area where the schoolyard was on the roof due to lack of space. I snapped a few pictures that I hope capture the openness of spaces and the collaboration amongst students.

Our visit to BI University was extremely cool. Thanks to Maxim Jean Louis for setting us up with the folks at ICDE. Our visit to the LearningLab was fascinating (see pic) where professors and startups connect. I’ve included a very cool production studio that is accessible by professors to create their learning modules.

Special thanks to the Alex Blackwood, CEO, IPN Board, Michael Bator, Board member and former Director, Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board and Michael Bloom, VP, Conference Board of Canada for the award recognition and the opportunity to attend the IPN Conference. See you in Houston in 2018! R.M.

image06State of the Art LearningLab for Professors at BI University (Oslo)

image01An insightful site visit for IPN conference delegates at the kuben Upper Secondary School in Oslo

image05An impressive production studio for profs to create learning modules at BI’s Learning Lab

image07Something Canadian for my new friend and colleague Alex Blackwood CEO, IPN

Hapara Product Review – By Tim Gard, Chief Digital Learning Strategist

Hapara. Māori for Dawn. When I saw this Polynesian word on Hapara’s website, shortly after spending some time working through the various nuances of this product with Hapara’s Chief Product Officer, Wayne Poncia, I understood why this word was appropriated for their product’s name. Not only did it speak of the place where this product was born, but in a unique, and perhaps ever so subtle way, succinctly captured what Hapara can do for you when used in conjunction with either G Suite for Education (Google’s new name for GAFE) or Microsoft’s Office 365 (coming soon).


It’s like awakening to a new day; you realize that true collaboration and the leveraging of deeper learning can occur using digital tools. And you realize the potential of deep collaboration, accountability and student achievement in an online context that is easy to navigate and powerful to use.

Read More

The Microsoft Education Transformation Corner

Step 2: Engaging Partners and the Community for Effective Transformation

Congratulations – you’re on the path to school transformation and to creating a more personalized learning experience for all. You’re joining the many schools across Canada moving towards empowering their students and improving learning environments to help students become more successful, adaptive, and innovative lifelong learners.

Education Transformation Framework

Last month we discussed getting started on the path to Education Transformation. To continue this journey and help education leaders navigate and fast track this process, we’ll be discussing an additional component of the framework – engaging partners and the community as well as providing resources to streamline transformation…

Read More

Featured Infographic of the Month

K-12 Featured News

Transforming Insight into Action by Jennifer Corriero

Our friends at TakingITGlobal are continuing to grow their Education for Social Innovation community here in Canada and abroad. In September they visited Finland where they kicked off a regional community of practice with schools in 7 countries, and next week they’ll be launching the Ontario cohort with participants from 5 school districts. Read Executive Director Jennifer Corriero’s reflection on how social innovation and technology can be used to bring learning to life in your school!

Read More

EQAO CEO Bruce Rodrigues named Deputy Minister of Education
CNW 29.09.2016


Students inspire Regina Mundi College redesign
IFP News 27.09.16

21st Century Learning, 20th Century Classroom
CEA 29.09.16

High school entrepreneurship competition returns for fifth year
OCE 30.09.16

Building an Education System for All Students to Achieve their Full Potential
Ontario Government 12.09.16

Northwest Territories, Nunavut to have input into Alberta’s school curriculum

N.B. Education plan praised for attempt to build sense of belonging
CBC News 06.09.16

Post-Secondary Featured News

International Featured News


Excellent keynote on #Education/#Business Partnerships by Dr. Michael Bloom @ConfBoardofCda #IPN2016  #Oslo

Canada’s SCORE program wins international gold in Oslo, Norway 
Voice 22.09.16

OECD’s Education at a Glance 2016 reveals public benefits of education and need for increased spending
Education International 22.09.16

Industry News

Research, Funding, Innovation & Start-ups

Conference Corner

A MindShare Podcast with EdTech Legend Tom Whitby at EdNet 2016 Dallas, Texas


Thomas D. Whitby is the author of The Relevant Educator: How Connectedness Empowers Learning, and The Educator’s Guide To Creating Connections. He is @tomwhitby on Twitter with 64,000 followers. Tom retired from Public Education after serving 34 years as a secondary English teacher, and spent an additional six years as an adjunct Professor at St Joseph’s College in New York. He is a Co-Creator of #Edchat, an award winning education discussion group on Twitter.

A MindShare Podcast at EdNet 2016 Dallas, Texas with Jonathan Schor, Co-Founder and CEO of CodeMonkey


Code Monkey envisions a global playful learning experience where the next generations of coders are born and raised. An engaging platform where programming knowledge is acquired alongside 21st century skills through collaboratively playing and solving puzzles, inventing, creating and sharing.

LOLLLMindShare’s Robert Martellacci participates in the closing keynote panel discussion Think Ahead: Turning Ideas into Action at EdNET 2016

Featured Conferences

Northern Lights GAFE Summit, Yellowknife, NT| October 1-2

ERDI Fall 2016 | October 12 – 5

Alberta’s Blended and Online Symposium | October 23-25

Media Literacy Week | October 31-Nov 4

Microsoft Accessibility Cross Canada Workshop Series | Learn about accessibility features that help empower an inclusive classroom.

7th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit 2016, Toronto, ON | November 3

BIT 16, Niagara Falls | November 9-11

Learning Forward: 2016 Annual Conference: Connecting Landscapes for Learning Vancouver | Dec 3-7

Career Opportunities

Advisory Board

The MindShare Report is grateful of the guidance and support provided by our esteemed advisory board.
Members include:

Lauren Burman, M.B.A., Chief Client Officer, POSSIBLE
Kevin Custer, Founding Principal, Arc Capital Development
Chip Fesko, Sr. Director of Advertising & Strategic Alliances, George Lucas Educational Foundation, Edutopia Magazine
Ian Fogarty, Educator, Riverview High School | MindShare National Video Challenge Award Winner
Michael Furdyk, Co-Founder, TakingItGlobal
Dr. Eric Hamilton, Associate Dean of Education, Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Maxim Jean-Louis, CEO, Contact North/Contact Nord,
Gary Kern, Director of Learning, St. George’s School
Dr. Susanne Lajoie, Professor, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University
David Marsi, Senior Manager Training Initiatives, ScotiaMcLeod
Jamie McNamara, Executive Director, Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta
Cheryl Paige, Consultant in Digital Technology Education, Former Principal, Joyce Public School, Toronto District School Board
Sandra Chow, Award Winning Teacher, Toronto District School Board
Ron Sedran, MD, Equity Capital Markets, Canaccord Adams

About Us

The MindShare Learning Report team is made up of the following individuals:
Robert Martellacci, M.A. Ed Tech., Chief Digital Curator
Bradley Grant, B.A Hons., B.Ed., Digital Learning Specialist
Paul Sohor, YorkU Business Student, MindShare Business Intern
Valerie Rusnov, B.A. Hons., B.Ed., Editor

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