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October 4, 2016 e-Newsletter 10/3/16

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OCTOBER 3, 2016
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Building Trust: How to Address Faculty Concerns about Online Educatio As administrators recognize the benefits and push for increased online learning initiatives at their schools, it’s necessary for them to fully understand, validate and address faculty concerns. This playbook discusses key areas of concern for faculty with online learning and provides recommendations to help school […]

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Enhancing the Online Classroom: Transitioning from Discussion to Engagement

The discussion board is a tool used in online teaching that allows students to share ideas and facilitate learning. Research suggests that while the discussion board has been an enlightening experience for online students, there is concern that the online classroom has become stagnant and in some cases boring and ineffective. This paper proposes possible […]

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Inclusion in an age of mobility

Learning with mobiles in UK universities is not new and is not novel. It is, in fact, at least 10 years old, well-documented and comparable to activity in universities elsewhere in Western Europe, America and Asia Pacific. Continued and dramatic changes in the ownership, access and expectations of mobiles amongst university students and equally across […]

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Understanding Cognitive Engagement in Online Discussion: Use of a Scaffolded, Audio-based Argumentation Activity

The purpose of this paper is to explore how adult learners engage in asynchronous online discussion through the implementation of an audio-based argumentation activity. The study designed scaffolded audio-based argumentation activities to promote students’ cognitive engagement. The research was conducted in an online graduate course at a liberal arts university. Primary data sources were learners’ […]

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Digital Curation as a Core Competency in Current Learning and Literacy: A Higher Education Perspective

Digital curation may be regarded as a core competency in higher education since it contributes to establishing a sense of metaliteracy (an essential requirement for optimally functioning in a modern media environment) among students. Digital curation is gradually finding its way into higher education curricula aimed at fostering social media literacies. Teachers are urged to […]

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NCC [Northwest Iowa Community College] Gets $2 Million To Boost Online Education

Sheldon, Iowa — Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon has been granted over two million dollars to boost online education. The federal Department of Education recently awarded Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) nearly $2.25 million which will assist the College as it enhances the ways that it recruits and advises its online students, as it […]

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An Online Education Breakthrough? A Master’s Degree for a Mere $7,000

The master’s degree business is booming. College graduates looking for a leg up in the job market are flocking to one- and two-year programs that promise entry to lucrative careers. Top colleges are more than willing to provide them — for a price. Tuition for a 30-credit master’s in computer science from the University of […]

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How instructors can leverage the online world to sharpen college students’ critical thinking skills

In a 24 hour news cycle, today’s connected students must develop better critical thinking skills to be smart consumers of information . eCampus News

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