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October 2, 2016

DDL Convention Update II

From Thursday’s inbox…

Dear DDL members,

We’re continuing to highlight convention plans for #LearningFromLasVegas and want to share with you the concurrent session themes. Don’t forget that you can build your personal schedule at Based on your submissions, we have 22 great themes this year:

1. 21st Century Skills
2. Active Learning
3. Administration
4. Badges
5. CBE
6. Community
7. Design
8. Development
9. Evaluation
10. Faculty
11. Feedback
12. Higher Ed
13. Instructor
14. K12
15. Learning Analytics
16. MOOCs
17. Motivation
18. Multimedia
19. Quality
20. Social Media
21. Social Presence
22. Trends

And if you’re looking for suggestions on specific sessions, check out these great presentations!

DDL – Learning Analytics
Tue, Oct 18, 9:15 to 10:15am, Conf Ctr, Pavilion 11
(1) Tracking Learning Analytics in Asynchronous Online Discussions: Issues and Techniques – Sheng-Bo Chen, The Ohio State University; Kui Xie, The Ohio State University
(2) Uncovering LMS Data: Using an API to Access Information about Learning – James Castle, University of Georgia

DDL – 21st Century Learning & Instructor Practices
Tue, Oct 18, 1:00 to 2:00pm, Conf Ctr, Pavilion 9
(1) Forming online groups: A Purposeful Instructional Grouping Strategy – Funda Ergulec, Indiana University
(2) Fostering Creativity in Online Faculty Developers: What is the BEST Approach? – Tracie Renee Ortiz, Old Dominion University; Ana Trepeta, Old Dominion University

DDL – Evaluating Quality
Wed, Oct 19, 1:00 to 2:00pm, Conf Ctr, Pavilion 10
(1) Online Course Design: A Review of National and Statewide Evaluation Instruments – Sally J Baldwin, Boise State University; Yu-Hui Ching, Boise State University
(2) The Validity, Reliability, and Utility of a Rubric for Evaluating Online Course Quality: An Empirical Study – Ji Eun Lee, Utah State University; Mimi Recker, Utah State University

DDL – Badges & Online Learning
Wed, Oct 19, 3:30 to 4:30pm, Conf Ctr, Pavilion 11
(1) Badging for Good: Perceptions of Earning a Digital Badge in a Service MOOC – Jessica Resig, The Pennsylvania State University; Ginger S Watson, Old Dominion University; Jennifer Maddrell, Designers for Learning
(2) Implementation of Open Digital Badges Within an Online Masters Program: Lessons Learned – Tim Newby, Purdue University; Zui Cheng, Purdue University; Damji Heo, Purdue University

DDL – Role Play, Interaction, & Discussion
Thu, Oct 20, 8:00 to 9:00am, Conf Ctr, Pavilion 11
(1) Exploring Role Play to Analyze Instructional Design Cases in an Online Environment – Jesus Trespalacios, Boise State University; Yu-Hui Ching, Boise State University
(2) Facilitate meaningful discussion through visual representations – Kyungbin Kwon, Indiana University; Su Jin Park, Indiana University Bloomington
(3) The Nature and Level of Interaction in a Large-, Open-Enrollment Chemistry Course – Andrew Tawfik, Northern Illinois University; Anilla Gill, Northern Illinois University; Chenda Hong, Northern Illinois University; Xiaoshu Zhou, Northern Illinois University; Todd Reeves, Northern Illinois University; Amy Stich, Northern Illinois University; Irfan Simsek, Istanbul University

DDL – Multimedia & Video
Thu, Oct 20, 10:30 to 11:30am, Conf Ctr, Pavilion 11
(1) Empirical Effects of Multimedia Design on Perception, Learning Effectiveness, and Cognitive Load – Miguel Ramlatchan, Old Dominion University; Ginger S Watson, Old Dominion University; Peter Baker, Old Dominion University; John Baaki, Old Dominion University
(2) How Long is Too Long? The Effect of Segmenting Instructional Video – Penny Thompson, Oklahoma State University; Ying Xiu, Oklahoma State University; Jessica Tsotsoros, Oklahoma State University; Michelle A. Robertson, Oklahoma State University

DDL – Creativity & Games
Thu, Oct 20, 2:15 to 3:15pm, Conf Ctr, Pavilion 11
(1) Design Strategies for Supporting Creative Thinking in Online Learning Environments – Noelle Sweany, Texas A&M University; Joyce Juntune, Texas A&M University
(2) For the Win! Using Learning Games in Faculty Development Training – Hillary Kaplowitz, California State University, Northridge; Krishna Narayanamurti, California State University, Northridge; Gregory Mena, California State University, Northridge

See you in Vegas!


Tonia A. Dousay, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming
#AECTDDL President Elect | @tadousay

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