Virtual School Meanderings

October 1, 2016

Virtual Schooling In The News

InTheNewsBeginning with the SmartBrief for EdTech.

Other News

Back to the regular Google News alert for virtual school.

150 Bay District students named Future Physicists

Students from Breakfast Point, Everitt, Deane Bozeman, Jinks, Merritt Brown, Bay Virtual School, Bay Haven, Palm Bay Preparatory and Surfside …

Calhoun County school board OKs virtual classes

The policy is new, and outlines how students can register to participate in the school system’s Virtual High School — but the program itself isn’t.

Schools with an ‘incomplete’ on Florida’s report card now get grades

Ten Central Florida schools issued an I, or incomplete, when Florida … In Orange County after appeals, the Orange County Virtual School earned an A …

School headcount rises, falls across county

The district has 22 students in the virtual school, about the same as last year. Nickerson High School, with a headcount of 326, is down about four …

150 Bay District students named Future Physicists

Students from Breakfast Point, Everitt, Deane Bozeman, Jinks, Merritt Brown, Bay Virtual School, Bay Haven, Palm Bay Preparatory and Surfside …

Tech puts new muscle in the learning game

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — Technology is extending its reach in education. Omaha Virtual School is putting the learning process into the cloud and into …

NLRB Decides Charter Schools Are Private Corporations Despite Public Influence

In The Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School, 364 NLRB No. 87 (2016), the NLRB decided the issue of whether it had jurisdiction over a nonprofit …

Growing a greener future

ENO is a global virtual school network for sustainable development that was launched at ENO Primary School in North Karelia, Finland. After much …

Delegate Dickie Bell Pushing Virtual Online School Option

The Virginia Virtual School would be a parental choice program where parents or guardians would choose whether or not they want their child to take …

Virtual School students share experiences with BOE

Students of the Crenshaw County Virtual School joined the monthly Board of Education meeting to relay to attendees their experiences thus far.

Jacksonville school for students with special needs adds grade

“They’re also taking some classes using Florida Virtual School, and that’s another way we’re transitioning them to prepare them to go back into the …

New Findings in Online Learning to be Unveiled at National Dropout Prevention Network Conference

… entitled “What We’ve Learned Using Integrated Student Supports and Data to Drive Student and Family Reengagement in the Virtual School Setting.

Finally, the Google News alert for cyber school.

Public money in a private abyss

… new audit of the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School is yet another convincing call for the state Legislature to reform the cyber school law.

Rossi blames Christiana for ignoring weak charter school law

… who is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty last month to a tax conspiracy charge related to hiding $8 million siphoned from the cyber school.

Web of Fraud

The number of enrollees with the online institution, which is considered to be the largest and most successful cyber school in the state of Pennsylvania …

Lehigh Valley schools near top in sending money to cyber school

The Bethlehem Area and Allentown school districts are among the top 20 Pennsylvania school districts in taxpayer dollars sent to a cyber school …

Taos Cyber Magnet School school transitions leaders

Kate Jensen, a former teacher at Taos Middle School, assumed the role as Cyber Magnet director after training with Blake for the first month of the …

Rossi blames Christiana for ignoring weak charter school law

Jim Christiana inaction on charter school law reform allowed questionable actions at the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School to happen.

Mold problem forces board to close Wyoming Valley West Middle School indefinitely

Parents inquired of the board as to what alternatives there would be, which they said might include cyber-school, moving students to another location …

Accountant pleads guilt to conspiracy to divert Pa Cyber school funds

Neal Prence, an accountant from Koppel, Beaver County, pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracy in diversion of about $800,000 in Pennsylvania …

New charter school opens in Whitmore Lake drawing former homeschoolers & conservative families

Still, getting this new school authorized, took some legal maneuvering. And required Livingston Classical to call themselves a “blended cyber” school.

New Whitmore Lake “cyber school” took advantage of a loophole to get chartered

Technically, Livingston Classical Academy is a “cyber school.” In reality, though, the only class that will be online this year is health – which parents …

Accountant pleads guilty in $8M PA Cyber school fraud

PITTSBURGH (AP) — An accountant has pleaded guilty to helping the founder and former CEO of Pennsylvania’s largest online charter school avoid …


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