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September 30, 2016

[NEW POST] You Should Care About CTE Pathways for Manufacturing

From K12, Inc. themselves…

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Learn Outside the Lines
You Should Care About CTE Pathways for Manufacturing
9.27.2016, Contributor: Katherine Anderson, Fuel Education 
In this blog series, we delve into four important Career Clusters® that are in need of more educated and well-trained students to fill the higher-skill, higher-wage jobs open to them. These Career Clusters are health science, information technology, business management and administration, and manufacturing. In this post, we focus on the manufacturing industry.
Manufacturing: The Backbone of Our Country
There are many reasons why you, and your students, should care about the manufacturing industry! Manufacturing employs a remarkably large share of the labor force and produces materials required by consumers and sectors such as national infrastructure and defense. Modern manufacturing contributes to economic growth and raises both the technological stock and skills of a country. It is the backbone of our country and can be a strategic advantage for countries worldwide.
Looking at the numbers in the United States, there are 12.33 million manufacturing workers who account for 9 percent of the total workforce. Manufacturing supports an estimated 18.5 million jobs—about one in six private-sector jobs. In 2014, the average manufacturing worker earned $79,553 annually, including pay and benefits…
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9.21.2016, Contributor: Katherine Anderson, Fuel Education 
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6 Tips to Jumpstart Blended Learning
9.14.2016, Contributor: Katherine Anderson, Fuel Education

Fuel Education recently asked educators from around the country to offer practical tips on blended learning that others could use in their schools. We narrowed their responses down to six tips to help you jumpstart blended learning in this new school year. Originally published in a convenient downloadable guidebook, Blended Learning Tips from Educators to Jumpstart Learning, we offer a shortened overview here…
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