Virtual School Meanderings

September 25, 2016

EBSCO Alerts

ebscoFirst, I did receive the alert for virtual school, but there were no relevant items.

Next, the alert for cyber school.

1. TI- Founder of Pa. Online School Admits to Federal Tax Fraud.
JN- Education Week
PD- 8/31/2016, Vol. 36 Issue 2, p5-5
PG- 1/8p
DT- 20160831
PT- Article
AB- The article reports that Nicholas Trombetta, founder of the online public school Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, has pled guilty to tax fraud.
DE- TAX evasion
SU- PENNSYLVANIA Cyber Charter School (Midland, Pa.)
FT- 37
IS- 02774232
AN- 118031264

Finally, the alert for K-12 online learning.

1. TI- Blended 2.0 shifts learning.
AU- Daddona, Patricia
JN- District Administration
PD- Sep2016, Vol. 52 Issue 9, p57-60
PG- 4p
IL- 5 Color Photographs
DT- 20160901
PT- Article
AB- The article discusses the utilization of the blended learning 2.0 in the tech-infused teaching model, which offered personalization with the Common Core standards and more authentic activities in the classroom. Several statements from various persons has been include such as Susan Patrick of International Association for K-12 Online Learning, Anthony Kim of Education Elements, and school superintendent Julie Morrow.
DE- EDUCATIONAL technology
DE- DISTANCE education
DE- SCHOOL districts
IC- 923110 Administration of Education Programs
IC- 611699 All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction
IC- 611110 Elementary and Secondary Schools
PE- KIM, Anthony, 1985-
IS- 15375749
AN- 117975490

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