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September 17, 2016

Spotlight on Online Education’s Continuing Growth

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What We’re Reading This Week
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Spotlight On Online Education’s Continuing Growth

The ProctorFree team loves reading and sharing interesting and thought-provoking articles about higher education and edtech, and we know that you do too. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week.

For Higher Ed CIOs Navigating Tight Budgets, Relationships Matter Most – EducationDIVE

Higher education institutions are in a financial crunch. CIOs, through effective communication, can express to decision makers how innovative technology can factor into a student’s decision to attend the school. Investment in edtech will only occur though through strong relationships between CIOs and other higher education leaders. CIOs must present their IT needs to leaders of institutions through a business perspective. EducationDIVE calls attention to the challenges CIOs and their institutions currently face.

Why Continuing Education Programs are Poised to Become Hubs of Innovation – EdSurge

Nontraditional programs are the perfect place for both launching and testing new, innovative, learning ideas. Higher education institutions that take full advantage of the opportunity within Continuing Education programs will have a leg above those institutions that do not. EdSurge focuses on how Continuing Education programs can experiment with innovative learning models and programs because of their relative autonomy.

Survey Finds Millennial Parents Favor Online and Flexible Education – eSchool News

A recent eSchool News survey of 1000 millennial parents shows that they are open and ready for online and nontraditional education for their children. 92% of survey participants think students should be able to pick online tuition-free options for their learning experience. Millennial parents have a strong association with digital technology and they are bringing new notions to thefuture education of their children.

Predictive Analysis: Nudging, Shoving, and Smacking Behaviors in Higher Education – EDUCAUSE

Predictive analysis gives educators the tools to move students towards success by improving learning outcomes. EDUCAUSE’s in-depth, detailed article discusses the various avenues predictive analysis can use to nudge students towards better decisions for the success of their learning experience. Predictive analysis, and similar tools, give institutions and their students a better shot at success.
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