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September 16, 2016

[NEW POST] 6 Tips to Jumpstart Blended Learning

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Learn Outside the Lines
6 Tips to Jumpstart Blended Learning
9.14.2016, Contributor: Katherine Anderson, Fuel Education
Fuel Education recently asked educators from around the country to offer practical tips on blended learning that others could use in their schools. We narrowed their responses down to six tips to help you jumpstart blended learning in this new school year. Originally published in a convenient downloadable guidebook, Blended Learning Tips from Educators to Jumpstart Learning, we offer a shortened overview here.
Six Blended Learning Tips from Educators

  1. Make personal connections. Unlike a traditional school, in a blended learning model, some of a student’s time is spent outside of the classroom, resulting in fewer opportunities to establish relationships with peers and instructors. It’s important to quickly make a personal connection with students so they feel engaged and comfortable asking questions to keep them on track with assignments. While blended learning affords a lot of opportunity to engage students in project-based learning (PBL) and provide exposure to real world situations, it’s important not to forget that interpersonal connections are an integral part of any learning environment…
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Seven Ways to Celebrate National Online Learning Day
9.7.2016, Contributor: Katherine Anderson, Fuel Education
What Is National Online Learning Day?
National Online Learning Day, September 15, recognizes the advantages and potential of blended and online learning programs and the accomplishments of districts, schools, administrators, teachers, staff, and students who use them. The day seeks to cultivate awareness of, and support for, an ever-growing community of educators and learners who participate in blended and online education. No matter your role within blended and online learning, it is time to celebrate…
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Why You Should Schedule Time to Learn About Blended Learning Solutions
9.1.2016, Contributor: Jerry Brodsky, Retired Superintendent

I empathize with the sentiment of annoyance that school administrators feel when they’re scheduled to hear a sales pitch on an already busy day. However, as educational leaders, I think we’re forgetting something important: This sales person that we’re scheduled to meet with will likely provide us with an important educational tool that can do wonders for our school district’s success.

Sales and marketing people work to bring the latest and greatest educational products and services available to help our students, staff, and community. I suggest we open our door and hear them out.

Here are three reasons why you, as an educational leader, should take advantage of these sales sessions…


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