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September 14, 2016 e-Newsletter – 9/13/16

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2016
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Transforming Chaos into Clarity: The Promises and Challenges of Digital Credentialing How should our current higher education system be transformed to better prepare workers for the new economy? A brief from the Roosevelt Institute explores this question, focusing on the emerging challenges and opportunities associated with credentialing. Lumina Foundation

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Interests-in-motion in an informal, media-rich learning setting

Much of the literature related to connected learning approaches youth interests as fixed on specific disciplines or activities (e.g. STEM, music production, or game design). As such, mentors design youth-focused programs to serve those interests. Through a micro-ethnographic analysis of two youth’s Minecraft-centered gameplay in a public library, this article makes two primary contributions to […]

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Navigating digital publics for playful production: A cross-case analysis of two interest-driven online communities

This article argues that the set of skills and strategies associated with managing digital publics online represent an emergent literacy practice of importance to literacy researchers and educators. Drawing on two case studies of online communities popular with contemporary youth to learn, play, and socialize, we articulate how youth participants strategically negotiate multiple audiences online […]

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Integrating Geospatial Technologies Into Existing Teacher Education Coursework: Theoretical and Practical Notes from the Field

Although instruction related to learning management systems and other educational applications in teacher education programs has increased, the potential of geospatial technologies has yet to be widely explored and considered in the teacher education literature, despite its ability to function as an engaging pedagogical tool with teacher candidates. This practitioner article discusses uses of geospatial […]

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Download Online Learning Journal, Special Issue on Learning Analytics

Online Learning Volume 20 Issue 2 – June 2016 SPECIAL ISSUE: LEARNING ANALYTICS Table of Contents SECTION I: LEARNING ANALYTICS Introduction 9 Karen Vignare, Patsy Moskal Learning Analytics Methods, Benefits, and Challenges in Higher Education: A Systematic Literature Review 13 John T. Avella, Mansureh Kebritchi, Sandra G. Nunn, Therese Kanai Let’s Talk Learning Analytics: A […]

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UC San Francisco Outsourcing IT Ops to India

IT people are sounding sick from the announcement that the University of California San Francisco intends to outsource many of its technology functions to an India-based service provider. Reporting by Computerworld found that layoffs for some 17 percent of the institution’s 565-employee IT staff will hit next February — after those same workers have trained […]

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Augmented reality is becoming a highly relevant field of study as the technology expands

It’s fair to say that augmented reality has moved from a cool technology that might be neat for students to try to a credible teaching tool that fits just as easily in K-12 classrooms as it does in higher education. eCampus News

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Digital Education, the ‘Mainstream Orthodoxy’

New book examines how technology is changing education — and whether that change is for the better. Inside Higher Ed

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Learning online with New England Institute of Technology

Ranked among the top universities in the U.S. for its online degree programs, New England Institute of Technology (NEIT) places a strong emphasis on creating a personal and enjoyable learning experience for distance learners, while maintaining the highest academic standards. Asian Correspondence

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