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September 2, 2016

AERA Highlights – August 2016

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August 2016

Research Policy and Funding News

AERA New Calls
AERA Continuing Calls
Beyond AERA
New From the AERA Video Gallery

AERA in the News


AERA Unveils Knowledge Forum Ed-Talk Videos and Research Fact Sheets
AERA has just released videos of 31 Ed-Talks along with corresponding research fact sheets that were major components of AERA Knowledge Forum events earlier this year.
AERA to Vote on Bylaw Change for Nominating SIG Executive Committee
AERA voting members will have the opportunity to vote on a bylaw change to allow for a new procedure for nominating AERA SIG members to serve as members of the SIG Executive Committee.

Research Policy and Funding News

National Academies Holds Seminar on Strengthening News Coverage of Social and Behavioral Science 
The National Academies Roundtable on the Communication and Use of Social and Behavioral Sciences held a day-long seminar on August 9 on how to improve news coverage of social and behavioral science.
National Science Board Holds Summer Meeting 
Maria Zuber, vice president for research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, gaveled in her first National Science Board meeting as chair on Tuesday, August 9.
NAEd Holds Workshop on Balancing “Big Data” Research Needs and Student Privacy
The National Academy of Education convened education researchers, legal experts on privacy, technology representatives, and federal employees in a workshop on “Big Data in Education: Balancing Research Needs and Student Privacy,” held on August 9–10.

AERA New Calls

AERA Continuing Calls

Beyond AERA

New From the AERA Video Gallery

AERA in the News

Recent media coverage of AERA and AERA-published research

More AERA in the News

AERA Highlights is published by the American Educational Research Association monthly to inform members and others interested in education research about the latest news and developments in AERA and in the field.
Editor: Felice J. Levine
Managing Editors: Tony Pals and John Neikirk
Contributors: Juliane Baron, Nathan Bell, Victoria Oms, David Presgraves, Jessica (Campbell) Sibold, Christy Talbot, and Martha Yager

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