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September 1, 2016

NZC Online Newsletter

One for my Kiwi readers…

31st August 2016
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Kia ora and welcome to the August newsletter for NZC Online. This month we feature Financial capability in the curriculum.
Financial capability and the NZC
Financial capability is highlighted in The New Zealand Curriculum as an example of the type of theme that schools could use for effective cross-curricular teaching and learning programmes.
Links between learning areas should be explored. This can lead, for example, to units of work or broad programmes designed to develop students’ financial capability, positioning them to make well-informed financial decisions throughout their lives.

The New Zealand Curriculum, pg 39
Money week, from 5 September
Led by the Commission For Financial Capability, Money Week offers schools a great opportunity to investigate all things financial. Linked from our page is a collection of resources and stories to support your school’s involvement in Money Week, and to help your school make financial capability an ongoing area of curriculum focus.

Financial capability in action is a new addition to the NZC site. This section shares the experiences of The Upper Harbour Sorted Schools (UHSS), a cluster of nine Auckland schools that worked together during 2014 and 2015 to embed financial capability across the curriculum. This initiative was organised by the Commission for Financial Capability and aimed to improve engagement with financial capability across an entire school: teachers, students, and the surrounding community.

Events coming up in September
Tonga language week, from 4 September
Do you have Tongan students in your school? At the time of the 2013 census, there were over 60 000 New Zealanders who identified as Tongan. Currently, there are more Tongan people born in New Zealand than there are in Tonga, giving lea faka-Tonga (the Tonga language) and anga faka-Tonga (Tonga culture) a special place here.
Tonga Language Week / Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e Lea Faka-Tonga takes place in 2016 from from 4 to 10 September. The theme for this year is ‘Fakakoloa ‘a Aotearoa ‘aki ‘a e Loto’i Tonga’ (Enriching Aotearoa with the Tongan Spirit)

Conservation week, from 10 September
Capture your students’ natural curiosity about the world they live in, and raise awareness about Aotearoa/New Zealand, by involving them in this year’s Conservation Week. This week is all about getting out and discovering the conservation areas that are just outside your door.

Tuvalu language week, from 25 September
This special week gives speakers of the Tuvalu language the chance to be experts in the classroom, and allows whānau and the wider Tuvalu community to see their language and culture being treasured in New Zealand schools.

New MoE online resource launched
The Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF)
The Ministry has launched a new resource for teachers and school leaders – The Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF). All teachers of students in years 1-10 will be able to access the LPF.
The LPF is an online tool that illustrates the significant steps that students take as they develop their expertise in reading, writing and mathematics from Years 1-10, spanning levels 1-5 of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC).
The LPF builds on the NZC, and it underpins the Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) for Years 1-8 (curriculum levels 1-4), creating a powerful toolbox for planning and assessing progress.
The addition of curriculum level 5 means it can bridge the gap between primary and secondary schools to more effectively support a learner pathway.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.43.56 AM.png
The Ministry have also launched an app that contains the PaCT years 1–8 illustrations. The app will be extended with the years 9–10 illustrations later this year.
You can find the app on either the Apple Store or Google Play or by searching for “learning progressions”.

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