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August 30, 2016

Register today for your Fall MOOC-Ed!

From yesterday’s inbox…

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Courses start September 26th, so register today!

We’re excited for you to join us for our Fall 2016 series of MOOC-Eds! All MOOC-Eds are self-directed, peer-supported, and job-embedded. Unlike other MOOCs which are often taught through a series of lectures from one instructor, you will learn from a variety of different perspectives in our courses. Additionally, all of our Fall 2016 MOOC-Eds allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the course content and earn credit through micro-credentials (or badges). Click here to learn more about these competency-based professional learning opportunities.


Enrich your math classroom with technology (NEW!)

Technology is an essential component of today’s workplace and is a ubiquitous component of our society. When integrated effectively, technology can be an invaluable tool to support students’ engagement in and learning of mathematics. Teaching Mathematics with Technology willl equip you with instructional practices that leverage technology to support students’ mathematical learning.

Learn more and register »


Help your students meet their individual learning needs

All of us, children and adults alike, have different strengths and weaknesses in our learning. In order to help you change the way your students learn, theLearning Differences course will expand your knowledge related to learning differences, provide actionable strategies to impact the learning experience of your students, and cultivate a growth mindset related to learning differences.

Learn more and register »


Make real data come to life for your students

Nominated for the 2016 ISDDE Prize for Excellence in Educational Design!

To help ensure students are able to use data for making informed decisions, many countries around the world have increased the emphasis on statistics and data analysis in school curriculum. In the Teaching Statistics through Data Investigations course, you will use an investigation cycle to teach statistics and help students explore data to make evidence-based claims.

Learn more and register »


Important information if you’re seeking credit for your MOOC-Ed participation:

  • All participants who complete MOOC-Eds are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion of professional development from NC State University
  • Participating North Carolina educators are eligible to receive a Certificate of Renewal Credit
  • Educators around the world have applied their MOOC-Ed experience toward CEU requirements in a variety of content areas!*

*Subject to the approval of local crediting agencies

MOOC-Ed is a project of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation.

Learn more about the Friday Institute at

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