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August 29, 2016

Lloyd’s Video Analysis Tool: Free Trial Version Available

This may be of interest to some folks – particularly those that wish to video their teaching and do a systamatic analysis…

Dear ITFORUM Community,
I have recently published “Lloyd’s Video Analysis Tool” in the Mac App Store. (Catchy name, eh?)
I am very sensitive to the need not to post commercial messages on ITFORUM. However, I have also produced a free trial version of the app that is actually very usable without having to buy the full version. The trial version allows you to work on one project. So, I think many instructors who use video in various ways with their students will find the free trial version more than sufficient for a class project.
The trial version of the app can be found at the following Web site:
Here’s a direct link to a web page with a quickstart guide and video tutorials:
You might be interested in knowing that the inspiration for this tool came two years ago when I was conducting a faculty workshop here at UGA. Some teacher education faculty were discussing that their pre-service teachers needed to record their teaching to meet the (then) new edTPA requirements (something many American teacher education faculty are confronted with). These faculty asked if there were any video analysis tools available that they and their students could use to critique and reflect on their teaching using videos they created. We found some very good analysis tools, but most were either expensive or very sophisticated.
Although not as powerful as other published video analysis tools you might find, I think the tool I’ve created is very simple to use. And, I think this tool is actually a good choice for any faculty or doctoral students who want to do some initial analysis of any videos they recorded as part of research (e.g. classroom student interactions). It also includes a transcription tool to facilitate the typing of transcripts of any narration in the video. Personally, I’ve found it very useful in tagging and commenting some home movies for family members. I think there lots of other uses as well.
Please note that my app is not supported by or affiliated with the University of Georgia in any way.
Thank you – Lloyd
P.S. Please note that although I’m making both a Macintosh and Windows version available, it is only the Macintosh version that I’m supporting. (The programming tool I used to create the app – LiveCode – allows me to create a Windows version with the same code, but I really haven’t been able to test the Windows version adequately. So, all bets are off if it will work OK.)
* Lloyd P. Rieber
* Professor of Learning, Design, & Technology
* 203 River’s Crossing
* The University of Georgia
* Athens, Georgia  30602-4809  USA
* Phone: 706-542-3986
Lloyd’s LiveCode Blog:

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