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July 26, 2016

Flexible Learning NZ – July 2016

For my Kiwi readers…  It is important to point out the history of DEANZ and the role that the schools sector (i.e., K-12) played in the organization’s creation.

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Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand

Flexible Learning NZ – July 2016

Grow & Sustain
Grow & Sustain, by

The ultimate in flexible, personalised professional learning – virtual mentoring and coaching by Hazel Owen

Learning, by its very nature is change. When we learn we will have changed our skills, our behaviour, our beliefs, our identity, or a combination of all four. Read more

This issue of the FLANZ magazine brings you three useful articles, putting the spotlight on virtual mentoring, quality assurance and the latest JOFDL issue. Hazel Owen’s article on virtual mentoring is the first in a series Hazel has written for the Magazine about the potential of the online environment to enable effective personalised professional learning. Read Part One of the series and await the rest with interest. Maggie Hartnett, JOFDL co-editor, comments on changes that JOFDL has undergone recently, and Bill Anderson considers some of the ideas raised by an ICDE report that looked at quality assurance in OFDL at higher education institutions. Enjoy this issue.

We should also note that the FLANZ Magazine has been bringing readers stories about open, flexible and distance for over five years. Nick McGuigan produced the Magazine during that time, continuing to do so even when he left Lincoln University and moved to a new position at Macquarie University in Australia. Nick has now decided he can no longer continue as Magazine Editor. FLANZ wishes to thank Nick for his tremendous effort over the past five years, starting, developing and continuing to build the Magazine into the practical, professionally oriented publication it is.

With a change in Editor, there comes a change in format and publication method. Rachel Whalley has picked up the reins and crafted a new-look Magazine for FLANZ for this issue. Thank you Rachel.

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DEANZ - Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning

Predicting possible futures in Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning 

Read the very last edition of DEANZ Journal! Our next edition, out soon, will be a FLANZ JoFDL, with a new hosting platform PKP. Read more

Quality models in online and open education around the globe: State of the art and recommendations

Quality in open, distance, flexible and online higher education.

What do we mean when we talk about quality in education? How do we ensure that what we do as practitioners in OFDL is of the highest quality? How can we be certain that our institutions are doing the best they can for students? What can be done to improve the quality of student experiences? Read more

DEANZ - Distance Education Association of New Zealand

DEANZ Foundation

This second part of the DEANZ history documents the events leading up to the foundation of the Distance Education Association of New Zealand. Read more

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