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July 18, 2016

Announcing New NEPC Book (& Discount)!

Note that this came through on one of my networks…

Dear Fellows.

We are thrilled to let you know about our NEPC newest book, edited by Bill Mathis and Tina Trujillo, which has just been published.

Among the fantastic chapter authors are many of you: Michael Barbour, Steven Barnett, David Berliner, Patricia Burch, Carol Burris, Ben Kirshner, Christopher Lubienski, William Mathis, Gary Miron, Jeannie Oakes, Gary Orfield, Jennifer King Rice, Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Janelle Scott, Tina Trujillo, Angela Valenzuela, Michelle Renee Valladares, and Kevin Welner.

The book, “Learning from the Federal Market-Based Reforms: Lessons for ESSA,” begins with the foundational purposes of education and then discusses test-based and market-based reforms, as well as important evidence-based reforms such as early education, de-tracking, adequate funding, and full service community schools. Particular attention is paid to the failure of NCLB to close opportunity gaps – its original purpose.

Throughout the book and through a variety of perspectives, the authors emphasize the vital necessity of addressing poverty, systemic segregation, and the unique needs of students. It makes the case that if our democracy is to thrive (or even to survive), we must redress the growing re-segregation and inequities in society as well as in the schools.

We think you’ll find that the book is comprehensive and will serve as a valuable and contemporary compendium for scholars and as a comprehensive research-based text for professors of educational policy. It can also serve as a much-needed resource as you work with your state’s policy-makers in maximizing the positive features in your state’s ESSA plan.

EARLY ORDER SAVINGS – You can purchase the book at a substantially reduced price from Information Age Publishing at $30 per paperback or $70 per hardcover plus s/h. The code to use at checkout is LFMBR30350

The book will also be available as an eBook within the next 90 days from Google, Apple, and over 25 other online outlets.

Kevin G. Welner
Professor and Director
National Education Policy Center
School of Education
University of Colorado Boulder
(303) 492-8370
‘Like’ the NEPC on Facebook | Follow @NEPCtweet on Twitter

Also note that I am one of the chapter authors of this volume (although I receive no financial gain from this book).

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