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July 15, 2016

Provincial Territorial Distance Education Association (PTDEA)

A pan-Canadian K-12 online and blended learning event that may be of interest to my colleagues north of the forty-ninth…

Dear Mr. Barbour,

Alberta Distance Learning Centre | ADLC is pleased to invite you to join the 2016 Provincial & Territorial Distance Education Association (PTDEA) Meeting.

ADLC will be hosting the 2016 PTDEA Meeting at ADLC’s Edmonton Campus on October 26 and 27, 2016 in order to inform representatives from each province and territory on developments in pedagogy, technology, and ultimately, efficacy, in distance education in Canada.  We will be offering this event both live in Edmonton, and via video conference. This event is offered free to PTDEA members.

We plan to offer three keynotes and two breakout sessions—at each of which you may choose from two presentation topics—on topics related to distance education. As a representative of your province or territory, you will be asked to share updates from your region with the group. You will be given 10 minutes to provide this update.

We would be delighted to have you join us for the 2016 PTDEA Meeting. Kindly let us know your plans for attendance by filling out the registration form. Please complete your registration form by September 1, 2016, to allow adequate time for planning. Late registrations will be accepted until the date of the event.

You can view more information about this event, including a tentative schedule, here. Further information about presentations will be added as it is confirmed. The 2016 PTDEA Meeting will take placed directly following blendED, Alberta’s Blended and Online Symposium, which will take place October 23–25 at the Radisson Hotel Edmonton South. This 3-day symposium will offer sessions on the application of flexible learning strategies across varied learning spaces. Learn more.

We hope that you are able to join us for this event!


Brett Cooper
Alberta Distance Learning Centre

Communications & Marketing
ADLC | Alberta Distance Learning Centre, Barrhead Campus
866-774-5333 Ext. 5253
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