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July 12, 2016 e-Newsletter – 7/11/16

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JULY 11, 2016
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‘Urgent action’ needed to protect adult education New report sponsored by The Open University calls for cohesive national strategy to protect adult education DThe first report commissioned by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Adult Education, sponsored by The Open University and conducted by the Institute for Employment Research (IER) at Warwick University, has called for […]

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Status Tracking and Reporting the Quality Matters Process at the University of North GeorgiaThe University of North Georgia utilizes the internal Quality Matters (QM) process to review all their online courses. As our online course offerings have increased, the need to devise a system to track the QM process, ensure timely reviews, and begin recertification of previously reviewed courses was necessary. As a result, several reports have been […]

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Student Perceptions of Self and Community within an Online Environment: The Use of VoiceThread to Foster CommunityThis paper investigates student responses to two tools used to create learning environments that encourage the sharing of ideas and discussion in online asynchronous university courses. Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology

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Entrepreneurial Education in a Tertiary Context: A Perspective of the University of South AfricaSouth Africa is characterised by high unemployment levels, a low Total Early Stage Entrepreneurial Activity rate, and a high small business failure rate. Entrepreneurship and small business development is seen as a solution to end unemployment in South Africa. A study to understand how to improve small business support was conducted at the University of […]

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Increasing Access to Higher Education Through Open and Distance Learning: Empirical Findings From Mzuzu University, MalawiSlowly but surely, open and distance learning (ODL) programmes are being regarded as one of the most practical ways that universities across the world are increasingly adopting in order to increase access to university education. Likewise, Mzuzu University (MZUNI) set up the Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CODL) to oversee the running of these […]

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Toolkit: Xyleme: A Different Approach to Authoring“Overall, Xyleme has made authoring structured content in an LCMS tool easier and distributing content much more effective. It is a different paradigm, and I suggest that, if you work in teams and if you need to repurpose the same content in various ways, you take a look at Xyleme.” Learning Solutions Magazine

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The Internet of Things: Riding the Wave in Higher EducationIndustry leaders have been looking toward and anticipating the Internet of Things for quite some time. EDUCAUSE Review asked five experts in the field to share their insights on lessons learned, on current problems solved and created, and on the possible future impact of the IoT. EDUCAUSE Review

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IBM, Blackboard Partner on Infrastructure Management, Cognitive SolutionsBlackboard and IBM have entered a partnership that will see the latter managing the ed tech company’s datacenters and cloud infrastructure. The two will also work to produce new education solutions using IBM’s cognitive computing technology, Watson, and Blackboard’s suite. Campus Technology

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Partnership of giants makes educational resources a priorityIt’s a partnership of giants as Unisa, the SABC, and Google come together to make educational resources freely available for access by learners, teachers, and parents. Following a signing of a memorandum of agreement on 23 June 2016, these partners are ready to get this project off the ground. UNISA

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