Virtual School Meanderings

July 11, 2016

Article Notice – Teachers’ Perceptions Of The Benefits Of Online Instruction For Students With Special Educational Needs

A couple of items that appeared in the EBSCO Alerts this past Sunday that I wanted to highlight.  The first was:

  • online instruction;
  • teachers’ perceptions;
  • special education

This article discusses the perceptions of ‘virtual’ teachers with regard to the benefits of online education for students with special educational needs. Surveys were distributed to teachers from one educational management company about their experiences of teaching in asynchronous (self-paced) virtual school classrooms. The survey responses revealed the following findings: online education has made it easier for students with limitations to access learning activities; improvements have been made in student academic performance; students have had success with asynchronous (self-paced) education; student motivation has increased; and more individualised support has been available. Even though these results focused on positive outcomes, some negative perceptions were also recorded. These included discrepancies related to cyber-bullying in asynchronous learning programmes, matters related to student accommodations, and problems associated with student use of online classroom resources.

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