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June 25, 2016

Virtual Schooling In The News

InTheNewsBeginning with eSchool News Today.


Online charter schools slammed in pro-charter report

charter schools

Stakeholders should be “outraged” by the low performance and profit-seeking of some states’ internet charter schools, according to a new report from a national pro-charter organization. “If traditional public schools…

Next, the ASCD SmartBrief.

Report: Online credit recovery benefits from in-school support

In-school support is an important component of success for students enrolled in online credit-recovery programs, according to a report from Education Northwest. Officials with the Montana Digital Academy say the findings support their decision to provide more school-based support for students enrolled in such programs.
Billings Gazette (Mont.) (6/20)


Similarly, the SmartBrief for EdTech.

Study finds benefits of collaboration in online learning

Collaborating with peers in an online learning environment may help boost learning, compared with environments with optional or no components of collaboration, according to a study by a researcher at Cornell University. The study measured performance for 48 students participating in a virtual game designed for language learning.
T.H.E. Journal (6/22)

Back to the regular Google News alert for virtual school.

The high cost of a graduation rate

These amounts do not include the $1.1 million paid since 2012 to Florida Virtual School, a state-run program students use for both credit recovery and …

K12 Inc. Not Happy With Report on Virtual School Failings

K12 Inc. was quick to respond to the report put out by a few charter school organizations saying virtual schools should be better regulated, which I …

Democrats Put Out Plan to Fix School Funding

It freezes virtual school funding for full-time students at the 2014-15 level, takes from the extraordinary needs fund, eliminates the tax credit for private …

Virtual school graduates second class

Virtual school graduates second class … Thirty-eight seniors from the Maine Connections Academy, the state’s first virtual school, graduated last week.

Twin achievers: Sisters plan to open vet clinic

Miki said there are several reasons she decided to move her daughters to the virtual school during middle school. She said it would give her less …

Superintendent asks for additional $38 million for Kansas schools

… $13 million from a job creation fund in the Kansas Department of Commerce, $7.3 million by freezing the level of funding for virtual school funding, …

150 Online Students Gather In-Person for Graduation

The virtual school setting that CAVA @ Los Angeles provides creates a flexible learning environment for students, allowing them to complete their …

Charter School Groups Call Out Virtual Schools

In August 2014, there were 135 full-time virtual charter schools operating in 23 states and the District of Columbia. (Hero Images via Getty Images).

K12 Inc. Not Happy With Report on Virtual School Failings

K12 Inc. was quick to respond to the report put out by a few charter school organizations saying virtual schools should be better regulated, which I …

Charter advocates acknowledge ‘disturbingly low performance’ of virtual schools

Full-time virtual charter schools have become increasingly popular during the past decade, now enrolling 180,000 students nationwide, students who …

Virtual school graduates second class

Maine Connections Academy, the state’s first virtual public charter school for students in grades 7-12, graduated its second class of seniors on June 9.

School District has new digital study program

IR Virtual School adds a new dimension to education. Students can take a full or partial class load online, but still have access to local teachers and …

Hallsville ISD ‘suspends’ virtual school

Hallsville ISD has “suspended” its online Virtual High School, just months after new fees were implemented for the online courses that match the …

Michigan Virtual School Reaches out for International Students

Clintondale Community Schools, which operates Clintondale Virtual School, will work with long-time technology partner EDUonGo on the initiative.

Meet Synthia, the virtual driving school for autonomous cars

Scientists at the Computer Vision Center in Barcelona have now come to the rescue with Synthia, a virtual city simulation that can train driving AIs to …

Kansas Democratic lawmakers come up with school funding plan

Democratic leaders say that includes freezing the virtual school funding for … Lawmakers need to come to a decision on school funding no later than …

Virtual Cyber Academy magnet to start in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– By a new Alabama state law, public high schools need to create a policy detailing how they’ll operate virtual schools, …

Camden residents graduate from virtual school

Four Camden residents are among 347 seniors to graduate from South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA), a tuition-free online public school …

Four possible scenarios ahead of Kansas school funding debate

The plan calls for freezing virtual school aid, which would save $7.3 million; cutting $15.2 million from the state education budget’s extraordinary need …

Tenoroc student goes from group home to college

Jamous McQueen spent most of his teenage years in a group home but he graduated from Tenoroc High School last week and will become the first …

Ed Options is best, only chance for some students

But it was the summer… so I enrolled in Virtual School, taking a total of six classes during the summer to get back on track. I still had to pass the FCAT.

Englewood to open charter school in 2017

… sort of virtual school district. Even so, the school is expected to have a financial impact on Englewood Schools, which would lose $6,800 in state and …

Bouldin out at CHS, transferred to principal of virtual schools program

The Virtual School is an expansion of the state’s new initiative to offer virtual learning in all … The Virtual School program is slated to launch this fall.

Republicans offer to fix school equity problem by taking other school funds

It would also lose funding through the cut in virtual school funding, but official estimates of that cut were not immediately available Thursday. During a …

Manatee middle school student set to be expelled, brought BB gun to campus

The student will be expelled with an alternative placement, meaning the student cannot attend a traditional school but can enroll in virtual school or …

Legislative update from Rep. Pam Curtis, D-32nd Dist.

Freeze Virtual School Funding: Would hold the funding for virtual schools steady for the current year and not increase them as was already approved.

Fashion model authors self-help book for teens

… for a social life, Nichols managed to complete high school before the rest of her class by taking some online courses from Florida Virtual School.

Finally, the Google News alert for cyber school.

Virtual Cyber Academy magnet to start in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– By a new Alabama state law, public high schools need to create a policy detailing how they’ll operate virtual schools, …

Cheers, jeers for report calling for crackdown on cyber charter schools

The primary author of a national report that calls for a crackdown on low-performing cyber charter schools said Thursday that the goal was to spur …

Superintendents, Parents & State School Officials Raise Concerns Over Local Cyber School

Local superintendents and schools districts are taking a stand against a recently authorized cyber charter school. The Livingston Classical Cyber …

Stroudsburg School District hikes taxes over pleas for relief from property owners

In another matter involving 183 district students enrolled in cyber schools, which costs the district $3.1 million annually, the board authorized Curry to …

Final budget vote is today

Also on Monday, the board held presentations on: a proposal for the district to offer its own cyber school services; and some realignment of the …


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