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June 19, 2016

[CNIE-L] ICDE Newsletter – 15 June 2016

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ICDE Newsletter – 15 June 2016  


Global Doctoral Consortium (GDC) Now Launched

On Friday 10 June, ICDE together with founding partners launched the Global Doctoral Consortium (GDC). The initiative will also be presented at the EDEN Conference in Budapest this week. The interest has been significant – so far nearly 185 doctoral students from all regions have signed up for invitations to the consortium. Visit the updated GDC webpage with video greetings from partners and the latest information about the project.

Featured News: The ICDE Global Doctoral Consortium and the Global OER Graduate network partner up for doctoral students

The ICDE Global Doctoral Consortium, GDC, and the Global OER Graduate network, GO-GN, are both networks supporting PhD research communities. The GDC has a focus on research fields related to online, open, flexible and technology enhanced learning and GO-GN on open education. There is synergy between these subject areas both in terms of the focus of study, and the practice of the online, open research process. More information…

ICDE congratulates European Distance Education Network (EDEN) for its 25th Anniversary and looks back at the historic relation between ICDE and EDEN

As a tribute to the 25th anniversary of the European Distance Education Network (EDEN), Sir John Daniel, former president of ICDE (1982-1985), founder of EDEN but also former Vice-Chancellor of the Open University UK, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education and President of the Commonwealth of Learning, looks back at the context in which the Network was created and the historic relations between ICDE and EDEN. More information…

Still time to sign up to Join the ICDE for a webinar that provides practical advise and inspiration for teaching of STEM: Tuesday June 21, 15:00 (Oslo time)

The webinar will discuss a new publication “Teaching Science Online” and will focus on the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths. While the need and demand for STEM is acute, traditional brick and mortar higher education systems are having difficulty responding to it. Online, open and flexible learning presents a viable alternative and supplement to meet demand, and the challenges related to cost, access and flexibility.

This webinar will provide you with a practical approach and offer great inspiration for teaching STEM. For more information and to register here!


ICDE Calls: 

UNESCO Calls: As an official partner to UNESCO, ICDE is eligible to submit nominations for UNESCO calls from among its membership. A self-nomination cannot be considered.

Other Calls: 

Connect with ICDE@

ICDE Secretariat and or ICDE members will be particpating in the following events and conferences and are available for meetings and discussions so make sure to get in touch.

Have you registered for the 2016 ICDE Presidents’ Summit: 20-23 November, 2016, Sydney, Australia?

The 2016 ICDE Presidents’ Summit, hosted by Charles Sturt University, will be held 20-23 November 2016 at Cronulla Beach near Sydney, Australia.  The 2016 ICDE Presidents’ Summit entitled ‘A New Era of Leadership and Quality: The Business of Open and Distance Learning 2020’ will focus on new trends in executive leadership, changing paradigms, and innovative approaches for distributed leadership and management practice. For more information and to register clickhere…


  • 2016 Presidents’ Summit: 20-23 November 2016, Sydney, Australia
  • ICDE- Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) International Conference, 10-11 March, 2017, Pune, India
  • 2017 Presidents’ Summit 15-16 October, 2017, Toronto, Canada
  • 27TH ICDE World Conference, 17-19 October, 2017, Toronto, Canada

ICDE Member and Partner News and Events

Join Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning’s online discussions

The eighth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF8) is open for registration. The forum will be held from 27 to 30 November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where it is co-hosted by the Commonwealth of Learning and the Open University of Malaysia. In the lead up to PCF8, organisers are holding four online discussions around PCF8’s sub-themes and invite participants to join. More information…

Joint UNESCO-Commonwealth of Learning meeting to launch Guide on MOOCS

Organized by UNESCO’s Education Sector and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) to officially launch their latest publication: “Making Sense of MOOCs: A Guide for Policy Makers in Developing Countries”. The meeting will be held on the Thursday, 16 June 2016 -9:30am to 1:00pm. More information…

UNESCO UNIR ICT & Education Latam Congress has moved from a face-to-face location at Colombia to an online event.

Organisers for the UNESCO UNIR ICT & Education Latam Congress have had to move the conference to online. Three main reasons force have forced to the change in format: 1) The growing spread of Zika virus in the country, considered as epidemic, 2) The on-going strike at Universidad Distrital (local co-host) without a foreseen deadline, 3) The steep devaluation of the Colombian currency against the US dollar that almost makes double the registration fee and the participation costs.

Notwithstanding, the program will continue as planned along with the publishing process of the conference proceedings, the calls for special issues with SSCI and Scopus journals, and the certificates for attendance signed by the organizers. All the information is available at:

SUNY Project to Expand Access to Open Educational Resources

The State University of New York (SUNY), ICDE member, has launched a new initiative designed to make open educational resources (OER) more readily available to its faculty and students, thereby lowering the cost of textbooks and improving access to educational materials.

The system’s Open SUNY Textbook Project (OST), begun in 2012, has created SUNY OER Services in conjunction with the private-sector Lumen Learning. More information…

Reports, Resources and Projects

Report:OpenCases: Case Studies on Openness in Education

OpenCases is a study which is part of the OpenEdu Project. It is a qualitative study consisting of a review of literature on open education and nine in-depth case studies of higher education institutions, a consortium of universities, a private organisation and a national initiative. It analysed the rationale and enabling conditions for involvement in open education, open education activities, strategies, impact, challenges and prospects. The main outcome of this study is evidence that a large number of OER have reached a large group of learners. However, completion rates of MOOCs are low. Accreditation is not formalised and in general its impact on employability is not measured.Read the full report here.

EDUCAUSE: Credentials Reform: How Technology and the Changing Needs of the Workforce Will Create the Higher Education System of the Future

The shift in postsecondary credentialing and the needs of the 21st-century workforce will revolutionize higher education. Colleges and universities have vast potential to be positive agents of this change.  While the modern technology revolution has reshaped nearly every sector of society, higher education has managed to retain its fundamental structure from centuries ago. The U.S. postsecondary landscape is still largely dominated by brick-and-mortar colleges and universities where progress is marked by time spent in a classroom and is denoted by highly simplified transcripts controlled by the institutions awarding them. Read the full article here…

Generation Z – Why we need to future-proof universities

Generation Z is destined to be the most researched of all generations in history. We understand consumer habits, how Generation Z communicates, even the exact details of how the media influences them. Living under a digital microscope, today’s 15- to 18-year-olds are savvy. They have a comprehensive understanding of what they want and what they need when it comes to technology and education. And with this comes great expectations. Full article available on University World News

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