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June 14, 2016 e-Newsletter – 6/13/16

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JUNE 13, 2016
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The State of State: Postsecondary Data System PSURSs are the primary means for states to collect data and analyze student progress, completions, and outcomes. Demands on these systems are increasing as policymakers, researchers, and consumers call for more accurate and comprehensive data concerning postsecondary education. Many states have tied institutional funding to performance metrics derived […]

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Fold-back: Using emerging technologies to move from quality assurance to quality enhancement

Emerging technologies offer an opportunity for the development, at the institutional level, of quality processes with greater capacity to enhance learning in higher education than available through current quality processes. These systems offer the potential to extend use of learning analytics in institutional-level quality processes in addition to the widespread focus on business analytics, and […]

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Potential of digital teaching portfolios for establishing a professional learning community in higher education

Digital teaching portfolios (DTPs) are increasingly adopted in higher education for various purposes such as assessment, learning, and showcasing. This paper reports on a collective case study of four teaching staff who have developed DTPs with an emphasis on building a professional learning community at a higher education institution. A number of themes emerged from […]

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New Ideas on the Design of the Web-Based Learning System Oriented to Problem Solving From the Perspective of Question Chain and Learning Community

In recent years, a number of models concerning problem solving systems have been put forward. However, many of them stress on technology and neglect the research of problem solving itself, especially the learning mechanism related to problem solving. In this paper, we analyze the learning mechanism of problem solving, and propose that when designing Web-based […]

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Enhancing Student-Student Online Interaction: Exploring the Study Buddy Peer Review Activity

The study buddy is a learning strategy employed in a graduate distance course to promote informal peer reviewing of assignments before submission. This strategy promotes student-student interaction and helps break the social isolation of distance learning. Given the concern by Arum and Roksa (2011) that student-student interaction may be distracting from instead of contributing to […]

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University students and faculty have positive perceptions of open/ alternative resources and their utilization in a textbook replacement initiative

The Kansas State University Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative provides grants to faculty members to replace textbooks with open/alternative educational resources (OAERs) that are available at no cost to students. Open educational resources are available for anyone to access, while alternative educational resources are not open. The objective of this study was to determine the perceptions towards […]

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All about EDEN

As part of the celebrations of the silver jubilee of EDEN (1991-2016), I’ve invited all the past Presidents to contribute to this blog, in order to share some of their personal recollections and retrospections on the development of the Association and the field. Last week, I published the first contribution of this special series of […]

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New Mexico Selects Brightspace as Its Statewide K-12 Learning Platform to Better Prepare Students for College and the Workplace

D2L, a global learning technology leader, is proud to announce that New Mexico has chosen its Brightspace platform for statewide deployment. Sixty-five school districts, charter schools, and state agencies across the state will use the Brightspace learning management system (LMS) for both online and traditional classroom learning. New Mexico will manage the LMS centrally, which […]

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The Quest for Great Instructional Designers

Although instructional designers are, in many ways, the linchpin of higher education’s digital transformation, they are hard to find, writes Paxton Riter. Inside Higher Ed

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