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June 13, 2016

Book Notice – Online Teaching in K-12: Models, Methods, and Best Practices for Teachers and Administrators

This came across my electronic desk sometime last week.  Looking to get a copy to review.

Online Teaching in K-12
Models, Methods, and Best Practices for Teachers and Administrators
Edited by Sarah Bryans-Bongey and Kevin J. Graziano
Foreword by Norman Vaughan

“Offers strong guidance for leaders and educators shaping the future of K–12 online education by providing practical, research-based approaches for high-quality, effective online instruction.”

—Susan Patrick, president & CEO, iNACOL

Online Teaching in K–12 is the essential hands-on reference and textbook for education professionals seeking success in the planning, design, and teaching of K–12 online courses and programs. This skillfully edited book brings together more than two dozen experts and practitioners to present an array of innovative models and methods, successful programs and practices, useful tools and resources, and need-to-know information on diverse aspects of online teaching and learning.

Organized in three parts—Foundations, Supporting Diverse Learners, and Implementation Strategies—Online Teaching in K–12will be welcomed for its clear and timely coverage geared to supporting teachers, administrators, professional trainers, colleges, and schools in their quest for excellence in online primary education.

“A timely and thorough compendium focusing on theoretical frameworks, student diversity, and strategies for teaching and learning implementation in the K–12 space … a must read for educators who are using online components in the classroom or wondering where to start.”

—Melissa Layne, editor-in-chief,
Internet Learning, American
Public University System

Contributors to this book include the editors, as well as:

  • Kat D. Alves
  • James D. Basham
  • Richard Allen Carter, Jr.
  • Diane Carver
  • Lesley Casarez
  • Elizabeth Dalton
  • Lori Feher
  • Xavier Gomez
  • Kendra Grant
  • Michael J. Kennedy
  • Jacqueline Knight
  • Michael Kosloski
  • Kim Livengood
  • Andrew Miller
  • Rolin Moe
  • Steven C. Moskowitz
  • Luis Pérez
  • Linda Polin
  • Mary Frances Rice
  • Wendy J. Rodgers
  • John Elwood Romig
  • Christopher Rozitis
  • Gregory Shepherd
  • Chery Takkunen-Lucarelli
  • Dianne L. Tetreault
  • Norman Vaughan
  • Heidi Weber

May 2016/352 pp/hardbound/ISBN 978-1-57387-527-1 | Regular Price $65.00 |Preorder Price: $39.00

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  1. Interesting, and I’ll be interested in your review. Most of the chapter authors aren’t known to me. The ones that are, don’t have direct K-12 online teaching experience. Is that a potential issue?

    Comment by Ray Rose — June 13, 2016 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

    • Ray, there are some K-12 online teachers from Canada that I see on the list that you’re probably not familiar with. My guess is that it is a lot of conjecture and/or the application of higher education research.

      Comment by Michael Barbour — June 13, 2016 @ 3:02 pm | Reply

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