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June 12, 2016

Worth A Read

A regular Sunday feature…

Worth A Read

Market malfunctions in the charter sector

Posted: 07 Jun 2016 09:00 PM PDT

Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Brandon Wright (4th in a series of essays marking the 25th anniversary of America/s first charter school law) discuss the economic considerations of charter school market failures. They discuss the problem of too few vs. too many schools, weak consumer information, and distracted supplier effects. They say: “… we’ve reluctantly concluded that the marketplace alone—understood as individuals choosing the school their child will attend—is not a sufficient mechanism for assuring strong academic achievement and other important educational outcomes.”

New Research Report: Are U.S. Schools Inefficient?

Posted: 06 Jun 2016 09:00 PM PDT

Matthew Di Carlo shares findings from a new report by Bruce Baker and Mark Weber on school funding efficiencies. Di Carlo says: “… what Baker and Weber offer is an accessible, empirical discussion of the difficulties inherent in comparing educational efficiency between nations, difficulties that should be heeded far more often than they are in our public discourse.”

Maybe Old Teachers Don’t Suck

Posted: 06 Jun 2016 09:00 PM PDT

Peter Green, on his blog Curmudgucation, looks closely at the implications of a new report and policy brief from the Learning Policy Institute (LPI): “As always, I cast a somewhat dubious eyeball at educational research, but the implications here are fairly clear– it would be useful to stop looking at experienced teachers as big ticket items that are fat that needs to be trimmed from budgets and instead see them as a major driver of excellence within schools.”

Does Teaching Experience Matter? Let’s Count the Ways

Posted: 05 Jun 2016 09:00 PM PDT

Tim Walker reports on a new brief from the Learning Policy Institute (LPI), which studied the impact of teacher experience on effectiveness. Tara Kini and Anne Podolsky write in Does Teaching Experience Increase Teacher Effectiveness? “We find that teaching experience is, on average, positively associated with student achievement gains throughout a teacher’s career.”

Does Teaching Experience Increase Teacher Effectiveness? A Review of the Research

Posted: 02 Jun 2016 09:00 PM PDT

Tara Kini and Ann Podolsky compiled a report and a research brief looking into the impact of teaching experience on teacher effectiveness. “Our report reexamines this critical question in light of recent research using advanced research methods. Based on a review of 30 studies published within the last 15 years, the authors find that as teachers gain experience throughout their careers, their students’ achievement gains increase.”

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