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June 11, 2016

[Special Report] Technology Counts 2016: Transforming the Classroom

From Thursday’s inbox…

View Technology Counts 2016: Transforming the Classroom. Click to view this as a webpage.


View Technology Counts 2016, the annual report on education technology, online now.
Technology Counts 2016 explores the complexity of creating meaningful technological change in American classrooms, drawing on the results of an exclusive survey of K-12 educators on their use of technology. The survey found that teachers are eager to adopt new technologies but often face systemic obstacles in using digital tools to transform their instruction. The stories featured in Technology Counts 2016 delve into this dynamic, examining both the challenges of effectively implementing classroom technology and creative personal initiatives and partnerships aimed at surmounting them. At the heart of the report are educators’ own experiences and stories.

The report features Education Week‘s first-ever Tech Confidence Index, which captures teachers’ attitudes about the promise technology holds for K-12 schools, now and in the future.

Teachers Still Struggling to Use Tech to Transform Instruction, Survey Finds
Exclusive Education Week Research Center survey shows teachers see themselves as ed-tech risk takers but are still struggling to use digital tools to transform instruction.
What It Takes to Move From ‘Passive’ to ‘Active’ Tech Use in K-12 Schools
Teachers are expected to make sure students are using digital learning devices in “active” ways. But what does that mean and how does that work?
Testing Tech Products in the Classroom
New initiatives aim to help schools improve ‘piloting’ of ed-tech tools and make better purchasing and adoption decisions.
Dreambox Learning
Arkansas’ School-Coding Initiative Centers on Teacher PD
Harvard Business School Examines K-12 Blended Learning
5 Schools of Education Making Ed Tech a Top Priority
Enjoy the complete reporting provided in Technology Counts 2016.Subscribe to Education Week for more original research and much more. Enjoy unlimited digital access from every device when yousubscribe today!For college/university version: Find out how your entire campus can benefit from premium digital access with an Education Week site license.

WEBINAR: The Education Week Tech Confidence Index: How Do Teachers View Technology?
June 23, 2 p.m. Eastern

Learn more about the index and what the result could mean for teachers, students, schools, and product developers. Guests include Holly Yettick, Director, Education Week Research Center, and Wendy Drexler, Education Consultant, ISTE.

Feel free to forward this to a colleague and let them know about this new special report.

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