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June 8, 2016

News Article – Combining Online, Traditional Pedagogies May be Key to Better Learning

This was shared with me a couple of days ago…

Combining Online, Traditional Pedagogies May be Key to Better Learning

If applied thoughtfully, blended learning can spotlight emerging pedagogies supported by evolving technologies and improve the educational experience across the board.


This article originally appeared in The Cloud Goes to School(sponsored).

To call Roxburgh, New Zealand, a small town would be an understatement. It’s home to a handful of stoplights, about 600 people and thousands of apple trees.

No more than 175 pupils attend Roxburgh Area School at any given time. Yet this bucolic spot in the heart of the Teviot Valley might just be at the forefront of the next big movement in education today — a push to bring online and physical pedagogies into one.

The effort at Roxburgh was born of necessity in 2014. Due to Roxburgh Area School’s small population, officials were unable to staff a large range of subject choices. Using videoconferencing to offer the school’s 35 seniors more choices from around the world was the logical solution. Instead of embracing this strategy as a standalone, officials decided to dovetail it with a new “Learning Centre,” a physical space where students can work independently with the support of a teacher. According to Principal Gary Pasco, students usually meet online for one hour of lectures, then have three hours to work independently in the Learning Centre.

You can’t have a discussion about blended learning without defining it first. Think of it as the ultimate mash-up — a true mix of early adopter virtual education and traditional desk-and-classroom pedagogy.

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