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June 7, 2016 e-Newsletter – 6/6/16

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JUNE 6, 2016
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The Emerging Learning System For more than two decades, higher education leaders and associations, employers and policymakers have been asking tough questions about how well our nation’s colleges and universities prepare graduates to contribute successfully to a changing global workforce and society. Business leaders often express frustration that college graduates are not achieving the broad, […]

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Co-curate: Working with Schools and Communities to Add Value to Open Collections

Co-Curate North East is a cross-disciplinary initiative involving Newcastle University and partner organisations, working with schools and community groups in the North East of England. Co-curation builds on the concept of the ‘ecomuseum’ model for heritage based around a virtual territory, social memory and participative input from the wider population. Journal of Interactive Media in […]

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Open Educational Practices and Attitudes to Openness across India: Reporting the Findings of the Open Education Research Hub Pan-India Survey

In recent years India has shown a growing appetite for open educational resources (OER) and open educational practices (OEP). Despite this, there is a paucity of research on OER use and impact, the extensiveness of OEP, and attitudes towards openness in India. This paper reports on research intended to help fill that knowledge gap by […]

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Atolls, Islands, and Archipelagos: The California OER Council and the New Landscape for Open Education in California

California’s three public higher education systems (University of California, California State University, the California Community College System) enroll nearly 3 million undergraduate students and employ almost 100 thousand faculty. In 2012, the California State Legislature directed the three systems to create an online library of open educational resources to encourage the use of free or […]

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Blurring Boundaries in Education: Context and Impact of MOOCs

The opinions on MOOCs go to extremes, covering a wide variety of topics, affecting economy, pedagogy, and computer science which makes it hard to keep oversight. Despite the many excellent research reports and articles, an overview of the bigger picture, providing a holistic qualitative summary of the different opinions, is still very welcome. Special attention […]

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How to Set up Students to Succeed in Online Learning

Make no mistake—college still works for most who attend; it remains the most reliable gateway to a successful future. But the numbers speak volumes about how higher education must improve to meet the burgeoning demand. EdSurge

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What’s It Like to Teach Middle School Online?

“How do you teach middle school science online?” I get that question a lot and answering it isn’t always quick, easy, or painless. I love my job teaching for Insight School of Kansas and Kansas Virtual Academy, virtual schools that are part of the K12 Inc. Network, and to me it is obvious why other […]

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5 Steps for Veterans to Choose an Online Bachelor’s Program

Class format and enrollment status can affect veterans’ housing stipends, experts say. US News & World Report

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Harvard and MIT teamed up for this open-source online education platform

It’s often said that the internet makes it possible for anyone to get educated on any subject. But just as in offline modes of education, the many models of online teaching and learning are far from perfect, with plenty of room for improvement and innovation. Cult of Mac

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