Virtual School Meanderings

June 5, 2016

EBSCO Alerts

ebscoFirst, the alert for virtual school.

1. TI- Virtual Schools for Jocks.
AU- Fowler, Deborah
JN- Time
PD- 11/29/2004, Vol. 164 Issue 22, p149-149
PG- 1/2p
IL- 1 Color Photograph
DT- 20041129
PT- Article
AB- The article discusses how virtual high schools, which allow students to take classes via PC, have emerged as an increasingly popular education alternative, particularly for on-the-go athletes. University of Miami Online High School (UMOHS), a virtual school that caters to athletes, has more than 400 students enrolled, 65% of whom are athletes. Accredited by the 100-year-old Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, UMOHS offers honors and advanced-placement classes. All course material is online, along with assignments and due dates. For help, says principal Howard Liebman, “a student may e-mail, instant message or call the teacher.” Educators are split on the merits of such schools. Paul Orehovec, an enrollment officer for the University of Miami, admits, “I was somewhat of a skeptic. But when I looked into their programs and accreditation, I was excited.”
DE- INTERNET in education
DE- DISTANCE education
DE- WORLD Wide Web
DE- COMPUTER assisted instruction
DE- COMPUTERS in education
DE- EDUCATIONAL technology
DE- PROGRAMMED instruction
DE- HIGH schools
DE- HIGH school athletes
IC- 711219 Other Spectator Sports
IC- 923110 Administration of Education Programs
IC- 611699 All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction
IC- 611110 Elementary and Secondary Schools
IC- 519130 Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals
FT- 446
IS- 0040781X
AN- 15141834

Next, I did receive the alert for cyber school, but there were no relevant items.

Finally, I continue to not receive the alert for K-12 online learning.

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