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June 4, 2016

[EDEN-News] EDEN Research Workshop 2016, Oldenburg – Announcement and Call

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Forging new pathways of research and innovation in open and distance learning: Reaching from the roots

First Announcement and Call for Contributions

Building on its success of the research workshop in Oxford, EDEN is pleased to announce its Ninth Research Workshop organised in collaboration with the Institute of Education and the Center for Lifelong Learning at Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg in Oldenburg, Germany.


Research into distance education has renewed importance and taken on new dimensions, as open, distance, and online learning further merge with the mainstream of education. Changes are occurring at all levels of institutions: from new systems and theories and ways of leading and managing organizations, to new teaching and learning approaches and technologies.

The history of online and distance learning (ODL) is rich with principles, theories, and concepts that still apply today, but which are often forgotten in the haze of avant-garde technology. As researchers of ODL, these historical roots ground and guide us in forging new paths of teaching and learning with technology. How do we bring together the strengths of the past with the opportunities for the future? How can we build on our knowledge and experiences to create informed and innovative pathways for the future? Which new pedagogic paradigms are emerging and have the potential to impact the future of ODL? The Ninth EDEN Research Workshop in Oldenburg, Germany, will bring together researchers from all walks of life and provide a platform for engaging in discussion and debate, exchanging research ideas, and presenting new developments in ODL, with the goal of creating dialogues and forming opportunities for research collaboration.

The EDENRW9 which will be held in Oldenburg on 4-7 October 2016. The themes highlight the need of all levels and branches of educational systems to embrace new directions in their organisational management, research and practice, while observing their historical background and professional heritage.

Call for Contributions

During this research workshop, EDEN will bring established scholars and researchers of ODL together with early researchers in the field. Building on DE’s extensive history of research and technology innovation, the workshop will create an open stage for further extending discussions on research in DE, where delegates will have an opportunity to engage with experts and actively explore new areas of DE research. We invite all interested professionals to discover the Workshop Themes and take an active part by submitting their proposals.

Submissions should make a relevant contribution to the field and meet the customary academic requirements: clear aims/questions, methodology, contextualisation, results, conclusions and implications, and references.

Full text submissions must be in English, with careful language, spelling and grammar check. You are invited to send a one-page summary for the Book of Abstracts, included in the file of your proposal, separately indicated as ‘Summary for the printed Book of Abstracts’. Authors are also expected to indicate how their research topic is related to the proposed framework of research areas (see workshop themes).

Submissions that relate to the Workshop Scope and one or more of the Workshop Themes are invited in the following categories by the deadline: August 31, 2016. You are encouraged to submit your proposal earlier than August 31 to support a speedy evaluation of the proposals and enhance your possibility to register early in time.

Contributions received will be continuously evaluated and authors informed accordingly.

Conference Venue, Oldenburg

Oldenburg is a city of contrasts where classicism meets modernism, a cosmopolitan flair complements historical architecture, urban variety is balanced by a natural landscape, imaginative catering goes hand in hand with assorted retail outlets, and a rich culture harmonises with scientific innovation.

The city is home to 160,000 people and the economic hub of the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan region. It is a university city and was the German City of Science in 2009. A former princely residence, it looks back over a history spanning 1,200 years. Oldenburg is a lively city with a great deal of charm embedded in a beautiful, unspoilt natural landscape.


The 9th EDEN Research Workshop is the initiative of EDEN supported by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.


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