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May 24, 2016

Volume 31, Issue 3

Also from yesterday’s inbox…

The Journal of Research in Rural Education is pleased to announce the publication of Volume 31, Issue (3):


Investigating Rural Teachers’ Professional Development, Instructional Knowledge, and Classroom Practice by Todd A. Glover, Gwen C. Nugent, Frances L. Chumney, Tanya Ihlo, Edward S. Shapiro, Kirra Guard, Natalie Koziol & Jim Bovaird (

You can access this issue in the Featured Articles sidebar at: or you can navigate directly to the article via the link provided above.

Thank you!

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The Journal of Research in Rural Education publishes research that is of demonstrable relevance to educational issues within rural settings. JRRE welcomes single-study investigations, historical and philosophical analyses, research syntheses, theoretical pieces, and policy analyses from multiple disciplinary perspectives. We welcome manuscripts concerning learning and instruction; preservice and inservice teacher education; educational leadership; educational policy; rural education and community development, and the cultural, historical, and economic context of rural education. Brief commentary on recently published JRRE articles is also appropriate.

Sally J. Kelley
Education Policy Studies
The Pennsylvania State University
300 Rackley Building
University Park, PA  16802
(814) 863-3760; FAX: (814) 865-1480

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