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May 20, 2016

Top Ten News Stories for May

From yesterday’s inbox…

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MAY 2016

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Dear Though Leader,

This past weekend I attended the EdCamp905 event that we sponsored in Mississauga, Ontario. I always enjoy learning and sharing with passionate educators; many of whom were first timers!

My takeaway from the event is our need to do a better job at creating awareness around removing barriers that prevent educators from leveraging technology infused pedagogy in their teaching practice. This inspired next month’s MindShare Report theme – The Digital Publishing Revolution in Education: Fact or Fiction?

Until we remove the many barriers teachers encounter on a daily basis such as limited Wifi access, lack of working computers, the need for more PD and quality digital resources, whole system change will remain a pipe dream.

In this issue, we’re thrilled to announce our next round of the Classroom of the Future Spirit Award Winners. Each of the three winners receive a pizza party for the school and two VIP passes to the 7th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit, November 3 at MaRSDD in Toronto.

Enjoy the May Top 10 news stories that will provide excellent insights for maximizing the value of your investments for your schools in 2016!

Until next time, keep the digital learning curve steep!

Robert Martellacci
M.A. EdTech
Chief Digital Curator, The MindShare Learning Report™
President, MindShare Learning Technology™


Classroom of the Future Challange Spirit Award Winners





1. Exclusive Podcast with Peter Singh, CTO, TDSB on The Latest Tech Trends & What’s Working in Education

Peter brings 23+ years of K-12 sector technology know-how to his CTO portfolio. He has been at the forefront of bringing innovative technologies to the Toronto District School Board. He’s a practitioner of emotional intelligence who is spearheading the TDSB “Information Technology Services” team from a digital era to Quantum Age of Information Technology.


2. Featured Buyer’s Guide Infographic

3. Education Indicators in Canada: An International Perspective

The primary objectives of the Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program (PCEIP) are to develop and maintain a set of statistics that provide information about education and learning in Canada and to support evidence-based policy making. In September 2009, a set of international indicators was introduced in the first edition of Education Indicators in Canada.

Read More


4. A MindShare Moment with Michelle Cordi, Upcoming ISTE16 Closing Keynote Presenter

Michelle Cordy is a teacher and applied researcher. She began teaching in 2001, and has taught in both K-12 and higher education settings.  Her focus has been on mathematics education and technology integration. Michelle also engages in classroom-based research with partners from academic institutions as well as industry partners. Currently, she teaches grade 3 with 1:1 iPad. She holds a Master of Education in Mathematics and Science education.


5. Exclusive Podcast at ERDI Victoria Conference with Rick Hansen, CEO, Rick Hansen Foundation–Paralympian and Advocate for People with Disabilities


6. Ian Fogarty Exclusive Podcast — Canada’s Most Decorated Award Winning Educator Shares His Secrets to Success

Ian Fogarty is past MindShare Learning 21st Century Video Challenge National winner, who loves teaching Chemistry, Physics and Science 12 at Riverview High School, Riverview, NB.

He’s conducted educational research through a number of collaborations with universities and private companies world wide.



7. Unleashed Learning: Conversations with TDSB Director John Malloy

I was honoured to be a guest at my alma mater’s recent Unleashing Learning conference at UofT’s Royal Conservatory of Music. The event kicked off with a keynote by newly minted director, John Malloy, who captivated the audience with the launch of the new vision for learning at the TDSB. Be sure to watch his recorded keynote!

Watch Here

8. The Canadian Innovators in Education Awards

The Canadian Innovators in Education Awards will celebrate and promote educators who are leading lasting and system-changing initiatives at all levels of K-12 education in Canada.

Read More

9. Teaching in a Digital Age

The book examines the underlying principles that guide effective teaching in an age when all of us, and in particular the students we are teaching, are using technology. A framework for making decisions about your teaching is provided, while understanding that every subject is different, and every instructor has something unique and special to bring to their teaching.

Read More

10. How well are teachers doing in solving problems using ICT?

If one were to ask ministers of education what they consider to be the most important factor determining the quality of their education systems, the odds are high that they would refer to the quality of the teaching work force. The saying goes that the quality of an education system can never exceed that of its teachers.

Read More

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