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May 14, 2016

High-Impact Summer PD For Teachers And Leaders

From Thursday’s inbox…

Make real changes in teaching, leading, 
and learning outcomes.
Join us in Denver this summer for PD workshops and institutes
to gain insights and best-practice strategies that you can use immediately in your school or district.
Balanced Leadership® Institute | School-Level Leaders
July 18-21, 2016
Change is hard. Or it’s easy. Or both at the same time. Point is, people affected by change don’t all react the same way, and they need different support and guidance to make the change successful. As a school leader or district administrator, there will be times when you’ll need to be directive with your approach, and other times when you’ll need to empower others to take charge. Join us in July to learn the keys to initiating and managing change in your school or district.
Register for the entire four-day institute or for the individual days of your choice.
Balanced Leadership Overview | Monday, July 18
Managing Change | Tuesday, July 19
The Focus of Leadership | Wednesday, July 20
Developing a Purposeful Community | Thursday, July 21
Balanced Leadership® Institute |
District-Level Leaders
July 21-22, 2016
Healthcare and aviation are complex industries that use high-reliability organization (HRO) principles to maximize performance and innovation while reducing crucial mistakes. Education systems are just as complex—-so can we use these HRO processes? Absolutely. Join us in July for two powerful days of learning how to adapt HRO and short-cycle innovation practices for use in education to improve instructional quality, reliability, and innovation across your district.
Classroom Instruction
That Works®  | Workshop
July 25-27 2016
Perfect for K-12 educators in all subject areas, staff developers, curriculum instructors, and building administrators, this three-day workshop will show you research-based, practice-proven instructional strategies and ways to implement them in the classroom. Discover how each strategy can be effective with any student, at any grade level, in any subject area, to enhance student achievement.
  • Learn new, evidence-based insights from the most recent, rigorous research
  • Get a framework to strengthen instructional design
  • Discover the reasons for choosing certain strategies for certain situations
  • Connect the strategies to essential 21st century skills
Whether the strategies are new to you or something you already use every day, this workshop will help you raise your level of effectiveness.
Become a Classroom Instruction That Works (CITW) Authorized Facilitator
If you’re interested in becoming a registered facilitator of CITW training in your district, extend your CITW workshop another two days. You’ll learn effective research-based instructional strategies and methods to help other teachers learn and implement these strategies in their classrooms.
Motivate. Lead. Achieve.
High impact professional development for teachers and leaders.
Non-profit education research, development, consulting, and services.
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McREL International
4601 DTC Blvd., Suite 500
Denver, Colorado 80237
McREL, 4601 DTC Blvd., Suite 500, Denver, CO 80237

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