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May 10, 2016 e-Newsletter – 5/9/16

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MAY 9, 2016
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Lumina’s annual report of progress toward the goal, A Stronger Nation offers detailed data arrays that describe postsecondary attainment at the national, state and county levels. The report also provides postsecondary attainment data for each of the nation’s 100 most populous metropolitan regions. Lumina Foundation

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Learning Management Systems: A Shift Toward Learning and Academic Analytics

This paper presents the major findings from a study conducted with six different universities in the U.S. regarding their use of the learning analytics (LA) capabilities available within their learning management systems (LMS). Data was collected from an online survey instrument, in-depth interviews with IT directors and academic administrators, and a case study in Embry-Riddle […]

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The Relationships Between Students’ Perceived Learning Styles and the Community of Inquiry Presences in a Graduate Online Course

In this paper, the author examined whether there is any correlation between students’ perceived learning styles as identified by Felder and Silverman (2002) and each of the three presences of the Garrison et al.’s Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework (2000): the teaching presence, the social presence and the cognitive presence. First, the CoI survey was […]

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Evaluation Of Content Validity Of Tests In Higher Mathematics Using Google Docs Applications

The present paper studies the issue of content validity analysis of computer tests in higher mathematics. The evaluation technology of quality of test content using Google Docs is given. It provides for organization and realization of examination to establish coincidence between test items and test content, making decisions by test compiler. The examination consists of […]

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The Factor-Criteria Model Of Assessment Of Electronic Educational Game Resources In Mathematics For Primary School Students

This article proves the need for a comprehensive assessment of electronic educational game resources in mathematics for the primary school students; gives the definition of “the factor-criteria model of the electronic educational game resources (EEGR)”. It also describes the created model, which consists of requirements for the content, methodological and program parts of the electronic […]

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Thinking about the Future of Work to Make Better Decisions about Learning Today

If you’ve participated in recent discussions about the future of higher education, inevitably you have heard people argue about the purpose of education. “It should be about preparing students to be good, educated, and engaged citizens,” some argue. EDUCAUSE Review

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Bengaluru tops chart of online learning in India: Coursera Infographic

In a recent analysis of online learning, Coursera, the world’s largest open online education provider, revealed an infographic highlighting data on online learners in India as the trend of e-learning becomes more widely adopted in India. IIFL

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New Pathways to Credentialing: The Digital Badge

With roots going back to the 13th century, the modern system of academic degrees functions as one of the most important ways to signal mastery of knowledge. The degree serves as a currency for accessing opportunities. New England Journal of Higher Education

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Donald Judges Named Interim Vice Provost for Distance Education

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – University of Arkansas Provost Ashok Saxena announced Wednesday the appointment of Donald Judges as interim vice provost for distance education and head of the Global Campus, effective July 1. University of Arkansas

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