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May 2, 2016

LRN – MB Daily: Headlines and Analysts’ Updates for 4/29/2016

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Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the CEO, the CFO and the board members of your favorite publicly traded company -really- thought about their company’s near-term prospects?

It would be pretty easy to figure out what’s going to happen to the company’s share price, because you would have the inside scoop on well, just about everything.

You would have the crystal ball that every investor dreams of having.

While we track a ton of data at, unfortunately we haven’t figured out how to read minds or predict the future yet.

However, there is a way to know which corporate executives and board members are most bullish about their company’s near term prospects.

We know that if a C-level corporate executive buys more shares of their company’s stock, they are optimistic about where their company’s share price is headed.

I mean, who’s going to throw more money at their company’s stock if they think it’s going to go down in the future?

Insider buying and selling activity has long been available by way of discloures sent to the SEC. However, the data isn’t easy to get a-hold-of. It’s even harder to do analysis on insider buying and selling transaction data in bulk, but we’ve done just that.

We’ve gone through every insider trade disclosure filed with the SEC in the last 90 days and have created a report that shows the stocks have had the highest levels insider buying during that time.

I figure that if multiple executives at a company are gobbling up shares, you and I should probably at least take a look as well.

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April, 29 2016
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