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April 29, 2016

[NEW POST] Can You Create A Sense Of Community In Online Learning?

From K12, Inc. themselves…

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Learn Outside the Lines
Five Ideas for Creating a Community in Online Learning
4.27.2016, Contributor: Kelli Hicks, FuelEd teacher
As an online or blended learning teacher, it can be hard sometimes to create the same feeling of a community that you can in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting—but it isn’t impossible. Here are five ways you can create a sense of community with your students and fellow teachers in the online world.

1. Team Name: Create a team name for your class of students. Take suggestions from the students in your class or teachers you’re paired with and start calling yourself a team. I’ve found that when you start calling a group a TEAM, magic happens. Then, use a survey tool so everyone can vote on which team name they like the best. After the name is decided upon, start using it in course announcements and emails that are sent to the group. For example, we named our Utah team “The Utilizers…”

logo for team.JPGUtilizers logo.JPG
The Utilizers’ logo and their superhero mascots.
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Health Science Job Security and How to Get There with CTE
In this blog series, we will delve into four important Career Clusters® that are in need of more educated and well-trained students to fill the higher-skill, higher-wage jobs open to them. These Career Clusters are health science, information technology, business management and administration, and manufacturing. In this post we will focus on health science.

Healthcare Industry Growth

Healthcare is a large, diverse, and growing component of the economy, employing around 14.5 million people and accounting for 10.3 percent of jobs nationally, according to the Brookings Institute. Healthcare jobs are located in nearly every community across the country and in a variety of settings.

In 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor projected in its Occupational Outlook Handbook that 17 of the 30 fastest-growing jobs are in healthcare-related fields…

healthcare chart.JPGSource: Brookings Institute
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The Unofficial Guide to the 2016 ASU GSV Summit
The annual ASU GSV Summit will be here next week. What began eight years ago as a modest event put on by Arizona State University and GSV Capital, an investment firm, to enable investors to hear presentations from about 50 education start-ups has transformed into a central showcase for investors and companies scouting the next big thing in education technology.

In its short history, the ASU GSV conference has acquired a reputation as the meet-cute spot for ed tech investors and executives seeking to develop relationships with start-ups that could lead to acquisitions.

If you haven’t signed up yet, register soon! There will be an estimated 3,200 attendees. If you are already planning to attend, we have put together an unofficial guide with five things you should do before and during the conference.

1. Make a List of Who You Want to Meet and RESEARCH Them

The major point of going to many conferences is the chance to meet colleagues, speakers, investors, or presenters whom you follow, engage with, and who influence you. Don’t be nervous about introducing yourself to them because they want to meet you as well to hear new ideas, learn about new products, and get your feedback on their presentation…

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