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March 24, 2016

SITE 2016 – How Interpersonal- And Classroom Communication Interventions Can Affect Online Cooperative Learning: An Experimental Study

Continuing from the past two days…  As I mentioned in the entry entitled SITE 2016 And K-12 Online Learning, the the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) 2016 annual conference is occurring in Savannah, Georgia this week, and SITE is home to the K-12 Online Learning SIG.  That means that I will be blogging many of the sessions throughout the week.  The sixteenth and only session for this third day (and the final session for the conference) that I am blogging is:

How interpersonal- and classroom communication interventions can affect online cooperative learning: An experimental study

  1. Hannah Klautke, Michigan State University, United States
  2. Cary Roseth, Michigan State University, United States

Thursday, March 24 2:05-2:25 PM in Scarbrough 4 View on map

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In the face-to-face classroom, the behavior of peers, cooperative work partners, and implicit information about behavioral expectations influence students’ task engagement, motivation, and performance. This study explored the question of whether and how such influences can be leveraged productively online. Specifically, we tested two communication interventions: (1) at the interpersonal level, via cooperative messages provided by confederates, and (2) at the classroom level, via explicit descriptive norm messages about others’ level of task completion. Target outcomes were clearly affected favorably by the former, suggesting potential practical applications, while norms-related messages led to mixed results.

Brief Paper
Distance/Flexible Education Social Studies Education K-12 Online Learning

While this session was tagged as K-12 online learning, the research was solely focused on undergraduate students – and not even undergraduates under the context of preparing them for K-12 online learning.  So myself and all of the SIG leadership skipped this final session, as it was not really a K-12 online learning SIG session.

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