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March 22, 2016

SITE 2016 – Cases of Quality: Case Studies of the Approval and Evaluation of K-12 Online and Blended Providers

As I mentioned in the entry entitled SITE 2016 And K-12 Online Learning, the the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) 2016 annual conference is occurring in Savannah, Georgia this week, and SITE is home to the K-12 Online Learning SIG.  That means that I will be blogging many of the sessions throughout the week.  The ninth session I am blogging is:

Cases of Quality: Case Studies of the Approval and Evaluation of K-12 Online and Blended Providers

  1. Michael Barbour, Sacred Heart University, United States
  2. Tom Clark, Clark Consulting, United States

Tuesday, March 22 1:45 PM-2:15 PM in Scarbrough 2 View on map

Discuss  Download Paper

Michigan Public Act 60 (2013) tasked Michigan Virtual University, through its Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute, to “research, develop, and recommend annually to the department criteria by which cyber schools and online course providers should be monitored and evaluated to ensure a quality education for their pupils.” This study provides an overview of existing models of cyber and online evaluation, which serve to inform the forthcoming recommendations. In this study, the authors identify ?ve constructs for course and provider evaluation and approval using examples from Georgia, Maryland, California, Washington, Minnesota, and Colorado. The report concludes with potential models and key guidelines states might consider in order to ensure a quality online education is available for all of their pupils.

Full Paper
K-12 Online Learning

As this is my session, I have no notes.  But you can access my slides below.

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