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January 1, 2015

Statistics For 2014

In addition to the Your 2014 Year In Blogging [] entry I posted earlier today, I did want to post some additional statistics for the year.  Beyond that preview of this earlier today, let’s look at a more thorough, less graphic-intensive entry – starting with the traffic…



In trying to understand/rationalize these numbers, last year I wrote:

You can clearly see that 2011 was the peak year of activity – at least in terms of visits – and there has been a steady and regular decline in traffic every since.  For much of 2013 the traffic was on par with the level of traffic that I experienced in 2008, which was when I moved to WordPress from Blogger.

In pondering the rationale for this trend last year, I wrote:

I’ve been wondering all year why I have seen a steady increase in traffic up until 2012, but then a steady decrease in traffic throughout 2012.  I think one of the reasons may be due to the fact that I simply haven’t been posting as much original content as I used to (time being shorter than what it normally has been I suppose).  I also wondering if simply the increased number of blogger talking about K-12 online learning has had an effect.  Finally, over the past two years I have been more honest and blunt about the ideological undercurrents that we see in K-12 online learning – at least in the United States and with the main professional associations – and I wonder if people have stopped reading for that reason.

I suspect that the same three reasons are likely still the case, maybe a little more of the third than the first two as I continue to take positions based on what the evidence suggests we should do, and not what is being pushed by ideologically-driven professional organizations, think tanks, and special interest groups.

This is the best I can continue to suggest unless others have some thoughts?

If you look at the top twenty entries for 2014 based on traffic, it is another interesting tale:

  1. Questions About The School Of Tomorrow
  2. Pick EdITLib This Autumn!
  3. John Hattie – Why Are So Many Of Our Teachers And Schools So Successful?
  4. Early Bird Special – May 2013
  5. Instructional Technology Dissertation Topics
  6. Review – Frog Dissection
  7. Student Holiday Notice
  8. Guest Blogger: Examining Accelerated Christian Education
  9. Dissertation Research Ideas?
  10. Problem With Cyber Charter Schools – PA & NJ Edition
  11. Introducing Our New Social Media Course at FLVS
  12. Defining A Dissertation Topic – Which Aspect Of K-12 Online Learning?
  13. New Webinars | 10 Educators To Follow On Twitter, Coding For Kindergarten, And More!
  14. Greatest Benefits Of K-12 Online Learning And Visible Learning
  15. AERA 2012 – Affective and Motivational Factors of Learning in Online Mathematics
  16. We Missed You at Last Week’s Webinar
  17. K12 for Schools and Districts is Now Fuel Education
  18. Online Education – In Ontario
  19. The History Of K-12 Online Education???
  20. Presentation: Visible Learning, Tomorrow’s Schools, The Mindsets That Make The Difference In Education – John Hattie

Only four of these 20 entries were written in 2014 (which is the same proportion as last year).

The top 15 referrers for 2014 included:

  1. Search Engines
    • Google Search
    • Bing
    • Yahoo Search
    • Google Image Search
    • AOL
    • Google Mobile
    • Excite
    • Yandex
    • Search
    • Search
    • Yahoo Image Search
    • Yahoo Mobile
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Google+
  7. Reader

So search engines accounted for almost 18,000 views and the various Google tools accounted for just over 15,000 (guess we know who is winning the search engine wars).  I find it interesting that Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are the next three (and that Plurk and LinkedIn also are in the top 15); as each entry is automatically sent to Twitter and LinkedIn and then I manually add it to Facebook, Google+ and Plurk.  So that work is paying off some.

In terms of what people are searching for, this is an interesting bit of data – as there is so few consistent things.  Here are all of the terms that have more than 5 searches:

  1. early bird – 37
  2. motivational and affective factors – 19
  3. school of tomorrow curriculum – 17
  4. virtual school meanderings – 16
  5. palomark12 – 12
  6. susan c aldridge – 12
  7. – 9
  8. north carolina cyber school – 9
  9. connexus (connections learning) – 8
  10. pros and conss of online school k-12 – 7
  11. brick and mortar school – 7
  12. online student teaching – 7
  13. susan aldridge – 7
  14. cyber schools in nc – 6
  15. oxford virtual academy – 6
  16. ace school of tomorrow reviews – 6
  17. benefits of k12 – 6
  18. oxford virtual academy reviews – 6
  19. notice for holiday to students – 6
  20. cyber school statistics – 6

Not a lot near the top that is relevant specifically to this blog (and at least seven of these 20 that have little to do with my blog at all).  In the group of terms that have five searches, there are five of the eight searches that are relevant to the content of this blog.

Well, I think that’s about it for another year…  I guess the next bit of naval gazing will happen on my next blogversary!  Until then…

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