Virtual School Meanderings

December 29, 2013

ProQuest/EBSCO Alerts

proquestBeginning with nothing from the ProQuest Alert for virtual school or cyber school – and there hasn’t been any items from ProQuest since the first or second week that I began this feature.


Moving on, the EBSCO alert for K-12 online learning.

1. TI- Transforming Collaboration.
JN- Teacher Librarian
PD- Dec2012, Vol. 40 Issue 2, p26-31
PG- 6p
DT- 20121201
PT- Article
AB- The article discusses benefits of collaborative partnerships to school librarians that is linked to the physical schedule of librarian or classroom teacher rather than curricular needs of students. It is stated that using open-source Web 2.0 technologies in developing online learning, librarians can harness the power of virtual collaboration to impact student learning anytime, anywhere. Online learning is defined by International Association for K-12 Online Learning as education in which instruction and content are delivered over the Internet and does not include print-based correspondence education, broadcast television and stand-alone educational software programs. Online learning provides librarians with collaborative ways to infuse information literacy within K-12 curriculum.
DE- SCHOOL librarians
DE- DISTANCE education
DE- COMPUTER assisted instruction
AD- 1 Assistant professor, online instructional technology program, Georgia Southern University
AD- 2 Assistant professor of instructional technology, Georgia Southern University
FT- 2956
IS- 14811782
AN- 84415738

Next, there were no relevant items in the EBSCO alerts for virtual school or cyber school.

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