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December 7, 2013

K-12 Blended and Online Learning MOOC at Kennesaw State University

From Thursday’s inbox…

Hi Michael

Hello again!

We are pleased to announce that Kennesaw State University’s K12 Blended and Online Learning MOOC is now….

Open for Registration!

The course registration page can be found on Coursera:

To get started – Click the blue “Learn for Free” button to create your Coursera User ID and Password. If you are already a Courserian, you will be able to use your existing user name and password.

We are very excited to welcome you to the first MOOC offered through the Bagwell College of Education. In order to make the most out of this learning opportunity, we encourage you to find a small group of colleagues to join you in the course. This will enrich your experience and help keep you on track to completion.

So invite some colleagues and friends to join you!

If you already have a grade level team or group of colleagues in place, we recommend that you: 

  1. Assign a group leader to send reminders about meetings and assignments.
  2. Mark your calendars to meet once a week during the course. During these meetings hold each other accountable for your assignments, discuss interesting topics being addressed in your discussion forums, and talk about how blended and online learning can serve your students in your unique context. Don’t forget the snacks!
  3. Celebrate successful completion together and plan action steps after the course.
  4. Meet at least twice after the course to share how your practice has changed, and problem solve any issues together.

If you can’t convince a friend to join you in the course, don’t worry! We will all be able to interact and communicate using #KSUitecMOOC and #k12blendedlearning on Twitter. Everyone can start that today!

In the meantime, have a terrific December. We’ll be back in touch once more before the course starts to finalize any last minute details.

Your Kennesaw State University MOOC team


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