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October 24, 2013

Report: K-12 Online Learning And MOOCs

There is a report that came out a a little bit ago entitled What massive open online courses have to offer K–12 teachers and students.  It was written by a friend, Rick Ferdig.  The report actually came to my attention when Rick and one of his colleagues wrote an entry for iNACOL’s new Research in Review blog – see “Exploring MOOCs for K-12 Teachers and Learners by Rick Ferdig and Kristy Pytash (Guest bloggers).”  The entry itself discusses the MOOC that Rick and company are currently running, “K-12 Teaching in the 21st Century.”

The report is interesting and provides some good insights.  Personally, I believe that MOOCs will go the way of the virtual world movement, so that in two or three years there will still be a small, dedicated minority that are working on and with them.  But in the end they will have little lasting impact on the education system.

One of the things that I was a little disappointed by with the report was the lack of focus on Verena Roberts.  To the best of my knowledge, Verena was one of the first (maybe even the first) to run a MOOC that was solely devoted to high school students.  If my memory is correct, she’s after running two or three now that focus solely on high school students.  I note that Verena is mentioned in passing, but her experience is one that could have provide some greater insight into the challenges that MOOCs face within the K-12 environment in a concrete way.

Finally, I note that John Watson has also commented on this report, which you can read here.

Past entries focused on MOOCs include:

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