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August 28, 2013

Registration Is Now Open For The Fall 2013 Digital Learning Transition MOOC-Ed

From Monday’s inbox…

Thanks to all the great feedback and recommendations from the participants in our first Massive Online Open Course for Educators (MOOC-Ed), the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University’s College of Education and the Alliance for Excellent Education’s Project 24 initiative are excited to announce that registration is now open for the Fall 2013 “Digital Learning Transition” (DLT) MOOC-Ed.

Click here to register for the course, which will begin September 30.

First offered in Spring 2013, we are offering this free course again due to high demand from educators across the country.  The course seeks to help participants understand the potential of digital learning in K-12 schools; assess progress and set future goals for their schools or districts; and develop a plan to achieve those goals. School and district leaders, as well as any others involved in planning and implementing K-12 digital learning initiatives, are encouraged to register.

Throughout this eight-week course, you will benefit from informative resources, insights from digital learning experts who have successfully implemented digital learning efforts, and the crowdsourcing of ideas from a large and diverse group of peers. Because we want you to meet your own goals, the course is designed to allow for a great deal of personalization and flexibility.

We recommend, when possible, participation by teams from schools, districts or other organizations, since having local colleagues work together to relate the lessons from the DLT MOOC-Ed to their own context makes the course even more valuable. If a team is not available, individuals are welcome to participate on their own.

The course will begin on September 30, and though it will officially end on November 24, it will remain open until December 15 so that participants working at a different pace will have the chance to complete their work.  The course is free of charge, and there is no cap on enrollment – we had over 2,650 individuals register for the pioneer course.  There is a deadline for registration, so make sure that you and any others you may be working with as a team are registered by October 9. We invite you to share this message with colleagues that might be interested or currently involved in a digital learning transition.

To register or to learn more about the course, please visit

The Digital Learning Transition:
A Massive Open Online Course for Educators (DLT MOOC-Ed) |
Friday Institute for Educational Innovation | College of Education NC State
Alliance for Excellent Education | Project 24    

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