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July 20, 2013

CLRN Online Course Training Videos

Notice of this entry came through my RSS reader a few days ago…

CLRN Online Course Training Videos

What separates a high quality online course from a flat and linear textbook are iNACOL’s Standards for Quality Online Courses. iNACOL’s standards, created by CLRN and variety of California and national stakeholders and published in 2011, outline specific expectations for content, instructional design, student assessment, technology, and course evaluation and support. California and Texas exclusively utilize iNACOL’s standards for course reviews and a variety of other states have adapted the standards for their reviews.

We understand that our reviews have an impact, both in the classroom and in the industry, which is why we strive to be transparent both within our published reviews and in our review process. Providing our stakeholders with both the standards and reviewer considerations, which define both the expectations and the evidence we must find, is an important step. To facilitate CLRN reviewer retraining, we’ve also created four instructional videos that provide more information about each standard and our thoughts about the validation process. Each of the four videos, which include Sections A-D from the online course standards, may be access here:
Section A: Content

Section B: Instructional Design

Section C: Student Assessment

Section D: Technology

Now in the past I have questioned the wisdom of using a set of standards that have yet to be found to be reliable and valid (at least based on the published research literature) as a way of measuring quality in any formal way.  So take these resources with a grain of salt in terms of what they actually help prepare you to measure.


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