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July 14, 2013

AOA Today | Policy and Course Changes for a New School Year

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July 2013
Find out what’s new at Alpha Omega Academy as a new school year approaches. We are excited to offer students and families a few changes and improvements this fall, including new courses and policy updates.

In This Issue
Rachel French
Student of the Month
An ancient history fanatic with a passion for helping others, Rachel French hopes to share her love of history with students as a high school teacher someday.

Did You Know?

Licking a stamp burns ten calories.

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With many students starting school soon, Alpha Omega Academy teachers would like to encourage elementary students to get a step up on education with our summer reading challenge. Students in grades K-6 are invited to participate in the event.

Distance learning academies like Alpha Omega Academy allow students to pursue ambitious dreams as they obtain an education. This summer, junior Jessye Trefny is working toward her dream as she studies ballet at Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet in New York City.

A student teacher intern with the history and elementary departments, Lydia Buss enjoys helping youngsters learn new concepts. She gained valuable experience by teaching interactive lessons at public history camps in college, and hopes to become a creative educator at a children’s museum someday.
Teacher In-Service July 19
AOA will close at noon on July 19 for a teacher in-service. Academic support from instructors will not be available that afternoon, so please plan accordingly.
July Social Event
Students in grades 7-12 are invited to participate in an AOA social event on July 26 at 3:30pm (CT). Come prepared for some interactive fun as we play Jeopardy, Two Truths and Lie, and other get-to-know-you games!
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